102-Year-Old Woman Joins In on Great-Grandson's 1st-Grade Virtual Gym Class


As restrictions are lifting and many people are getting vaccinated, families who haven’t seen each other in over a year are finally spending time with one another again.

Julia Fulkerson is an independent woman from Ajo, Arizona. She’s 102 years old and drove a car up until she was 100.

She’s missed out on seeing her family, too, this past year — but now that she’s gotten her vaccine, she got to have her granddaughter-in-law, Angela Groch, and great-grandson, Brody, out recently. They had such a great time that now the world knows about it.

“This was the first time that we’d been able to really spend some time with them because of the pandemic um because we are able to be safe now,” Angela, who’d gotten vaccinated against COVID, told KPHO/KTVK-TV.

It was during Brody’s distance class that the fun really broke out. Brody, 6, is in the first grade, and during the physical education segment, great-grandma joined in, moving until she collapsed onto the couch, laughing.

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“We were finally able to safely spend time with Brody’s Great Grandma in Ajo the past couple days,” Angela shared on March 3. “SHE’S 102!! (AND A HALF!!) Today, brody introduced her to his first grade class.

“PLEASE SWIPE to watch her participating in his PE class. This was quite honestly one of the most special moments ever.”

The video of the 102-year-old getting down and dancing has taken the internet by storm, drawing hundreds of thousands of views.

“I couldn’t stop laughing and I thought it was the sweetest thing,” Groch said, according to AZ Family. “I get such a kick out of her.’

“I was cracking up and taking video after video, but it was also super surreal just kind of watching.”

Sure, Fulkerson has seen her share of hardship during her impressive life, but she’s chosen to meet it all with an upbeat attitude.

“My mom is just a happy person,” Fulkerson’s daughter, Kim Contreras, added. “She’s always been that way, and after her stroke, she, um, could have been just a weepy person. And uh, just watching her with him, it just… it just made me so happy.”

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“Holy smokes! Who knew this going viral business was so intense!” Groch posted in an update. “The past couple of days have been madness- in all the best ways. Brody and Great Grandma have completely lit up the news and internet!

“I think our special 15 mins may be coming to an end- and I just want to say- I couldn’t be more grateful that the world saw and rejoiced in how amazing this lady is. She is truly a legend and brings so much joy to so many hearts- I know no one more worthy of this.

“And if I may try and summarize: she literally went global- but what means the most to her is this may make her small hometown’s local paper. We love you Grandma Julia!”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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