12 Seattle Cops Injured as Violent Mob Damages Buildings, Smashes Windows in Rampage


The Seattle Police Department said that 12 officers were injured in confrontations with protesters in the downtown part of the city on Sunday.

The protest started as a peaceful gathering in Westlake Park on Sunday morning, but a second group arrived about three hours later carrying baseball bats, reported.

The second group then marched down Fifth Avenue, breaking windows and spray-painting buildings including Seattle Police Headquarters and the Seattle Municipal Court.

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“Individuals participating in a large demonstration Sunday were responsible for a significant amount of property damage to government buildings and private businesses in Seattle,” a police news release read.

Police said that the protesters arrived at the West Precinct building and threw rocks and bottles at the officers outside.

A man with an umbrella moved to block the security cameras as the confrontation occurred.

“Officers moved in to escort the person away from the doors and were immediately assaulted with bottles, street cones, and fireworks,” the news release read.

“One officer was struck in the neck and injured by fragmentation from one of the explosions resulting in that officer being hospitalized.”

The police department released officer-worn body camera footage “in an attempt to be transparent.”

WARNING: The following video contains vulgar language and violence that some viewers may find disturbing.

“During the confrontation, officers used OC spray and stop the assault from the crowd,” the news release read.

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Officers also arrested two people following the incident, one for assault and the other for stealing a police bicycle.

The group dispersed after protesters reached Cal Anderson Park, according to police.

The incident commander said the group appeared to be “very organized,” and the incident appeared to be a “very concerted effort at property damage of certain businesses and government facilities.”

Surveillance from the East Precinct showed the damage done after protesters broke several windows and threw an incendiary device into the lobby Sunday.

No one was reported to be injured as a result of the device thrown into the lobby, but a small fire had to be quickly extinguished.

“Arson/Bomb detectives along with members of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms are conducting the follow-up investigations related to the arson and the fireworks,” police said.

“Detectives will be following up on the reported property damage and looting incidents.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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