6-Year-Old Boy with Cancer Granted Wish to Become UPS Driver, Delivers Packages in His Very Own Truck


The last year has been an especially tough one for 6-year-old Mateo Toscano from Stockton, California, as he’s had to stay indoors due to his weakened immune system.

Mateo was diagnosed with leukemia in 2017, so he’s been battling the disease for years, but with COVID spreading like wildfire, it was safest for him to stay inside.

He did what he could to connect with the outside world by posting himself at the front window and watching, and one of the things that made the biggest impact on him was the deliverymen and women hard at work day in and day out.

They made such a difference for him that when Make-A-Wish reached out to his family, Mateo immediately knew what he wanted.

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And on May 6, he got to live his dream of being a UPS driver.

“It’s really cool,” Mateo told Fox News. “Like, I just want to be a UPS driver because UPS trucks are the coolest, like they say UPS on the sides and the back.”

After a mini UPS truck was unloaded off of a big one, Mateo was able to take a driving test and then delivered packages to police, city officials and others.

They took a break for lunch, and then Mateo made another special delivery to his grandma and mother since, after all, Mother’s Day was coming up.

“When Mateo’s wish came true, he did more than deliver packages, he delivered hope to the entire Stockton community and beyond … and that’s the incredible power of a wish,” Jennifer Stolo, president and CEO of the Northeastern and Central California & Northern Nevada chapter of Make-A-Wish told “Good Morning America.”

“I really liked it,” Mateo said at the end of his day. “It was so cool.”

“I was busy as a bee.”

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Mom Cynthia Toscano was cheered by the thoughtful gifts that had been arranged for her and her mom.

“My mom and I were both so touched by his Mother’s Day gifts to us, and were very surprised by the pretty flowers!” she said.

“The flowers were a very nice way to signal the end of a very, very dark period. Hopefully, the brighter times are here to stay.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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