8 Dead After Illegal Immigrants Fleeing Texas Law Enforcement Get Into Head-On Crash


At least eight illegal immigrants are dead after a head-on collision following a high-speed chase with law enforcement Monday.

The incident occurred near Del Rio, Texas, on Highway 277 at around 1:40 p.m., KENS-TV reported.

Department of Public Safety troopers were pursuing a red Dodge Ram along the highway when the crash happened, according to a DPS spokesperson.

The Val Verde County Sheriff’s Office said all eight people who died were in the red vehicle, and two people in the Ford F-150 hit by the Ram were taken to a San Antonio hospital.

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The driver of the Ram was arrested and taken to Val Verde Regional Medical Center after he tried to flee the scene, according to WTXF-TV.

Charges against the driver have yet to be announced.

The Val Verde Sheriff’s office and the fire department helped rescue people from the vehicles involved and will be part of the investigation.

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This is not the first deadly crash involving illegal immigrants this month as a new wave attempts to cross the border.

Two SUVs that entered the United States from Mexico on March 2 through a 10-foot gap in the border barrier were involved in two separate crashes in California that killed at least 13 people.

A Ford Expedition and Chevrolet Suburban were caught on surveillance video driving through the gap, Border Patrol’s El Centro sector chief Gregory Bovino told The Associated Press.

The Ford Expedition was carrying 25 people crammed inside and crashed into a big rig in Holtville, California, soon after it crossed the border.

Of the 13 people killed in the crash, 10 were identified as Mexican citizens.

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The driver of the SUV was among those who died and the big rig driver was injured.

The Chevrolet Suburban carried 19 people and later caught fire on a nearby interstate after entering the country.

All 19 passengers escaped the burning vehicle and were taken into Border Patrol custody.

Border Patrol agents were not in pursuit of either vehicle at the time.

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