Agitator Eats Pavement Moments After Jumping Onto Moving Police Patrol Car


A protester of President Donald Trump’s visit to Sacramento on Monday got what was coming to him when he jumped on top of a California Highway Patrol car and was flung off when the officer sped away.

The Sacramento Bee reported that protesters had gathered outside McClellan Airport, where Trump held a joint briefing with California Gov. Gavin Newsom to address the state’s record wildfires.

As a CHP cruiser tried to make its way through the demonstrators, one jumped on the hood of the car as others surrounded it.

The officer had his siren blaring and lights flashing, but the protesters would not move as the squad car inched forward.

When the man who planted himself on the hood of the car began to make his way toward the vehicle’s roof, the police officer hit the gas.

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The protester was promptly flung off the back of the cruiser onto the street.

The Daily Wire’s Ben Shapiro tweeted in response, “Basic rule: if you jump on the front of a moving car, you are responsible for what happens next.”

Breitbart’s Brandon Darby added, “I really don’t think the cop did anything wrong here.”


Another video showed protesters blocking a green Volvo station wagon from driving by while others beat on the car.

The Volvo then sped way, swerving toward some of the protesters.

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Unless there were multiple green Volvos having similar run-ins, The Sacramento Bee only reported the car swerving part, not the swarming of protesters that preceded.

“In the other incident, which was broadcast live by local TV news station KCRA shortly before noon, a green Volvo swerves into a group of demonstrators gathered in the right lane of a roadway about a block east of McClellan,” The Bee reported.

Do you think the officer handled the situation appropriately?

“The car strikes two or three people, one of whom falls hard to the ground. The Volvo then speeds away, the news clip shows.”

Officer A.J. McTaggart, a spokesman for the CHP North Sacramento Office, told the news outlet that a Sacramento County sheriff’s official later questioned the Volvo driver.

The information provided by the driver and by witnesses at the scene contradict one another and will require further investigation, McTaggart said.

KTXL-TV reporter Jessica Mensch posted a video of the man who jumped on the squad car being taken away by ambulance.

His condition was not immediately known, The Bee reported.

Regarding that incident, Taggart said in an emailed statement to the paper, “Fearing for his safety, the officer began to accelerate away and the protester fell off the vehicle.”

In light of two police officers being shot while simply sitting in their car in Los Angeles over the weekend and the vitriol being directed toward law enforcement by a radical element in the country, that fear was reasonable.

This officer did the right thing, and whatever injuries the man who jumped on his cruiser sustained are well-deserved.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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