Animal Services Rescues Two Dogs Submerged Underwater Inside Septic Tank


On Nov. 8, two mischievous American bulldog sisters named Brenda and Bianca escaped their yard in Miami-Dade County, Florida, and set off into the wide world together.

Upon discovering her dogs were gone, owner Vanessa Cruz shared their information on her social media, hoping to be reunited with her pups quickly.

According to one Facebook post about the lost dogs, Bianca suffered from a condition that required prescription medication — so it was essential the two canines be found soon.

WFOR-TV reported that misadventure quickly found the dogs when they both fell into a neighbor’s septic tank. Thankfully, someone noticed, and Miami-Dade Animal Services was called out to deal with the two dirty pups.

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When animal services welfare officer Yureisy Hernandez arrived at the scene and saw the predicament the two were in, she was shocked. She began filming the dogs as they stood chin-deep in the filthy sludge.

“This is a septic tank,” she said in the video. “The dogs are underwater in the septic tank.”

Hernandez quickly spotted a nearby ladder, using it as a frame to hoist the two dogs out.

“I’m not used to dealing with septic tanks,” Hernandez admitted. “Luckily I was able to find the ladder … if not I would have jumped in there to try to get them out.”

Brenda and Bianca were taken to the animal center and given a much-needed cleaning. Since neither dog was microchipped or wearing a collar, the shelter began circulating the video of their rescue on Nov. 10, hoping someone who recognized the dogs would see it.

And someone did — all the way in California, Cruz’s brother saw the dogs’ story on social media and knew the two pups belonged to his sister. Not long after that, the dogs and their owner were reunited.

“Once I saw them and they saw me, they were like, ‘Mom!’ They were so happy to see me,” Cruz said.

When she heard what the animal welfare worker had done to free her pets, Cruz was surprised and incredibly grateful.

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“That’s going above and beyond their job,” she said.

“I want to like squeeze you,” Cruz said to Hernandez, as the two women pet the happy dogs. “Oh my gosh, thank you so much. … I’m sending you lots of love.”

Bianca and Brenda are currently safe and sound back home, having been tagged, collared and chipped to avoid a similar identification fiasco in the future.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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