Antifa's Pitiful Umbrella Wall Doesn't Last Long as Seattle PD Cracks Down on Mob


Seattle police were able to quickly dispense with a wall of umbrellas being manned by protesters on Labor Day.

KIRO-TV reported a large crowd, about 300 strong, had marched from Seattle’s International District, located on the south side of downtown, to the Seattle Police Officers Guild building.

Protesters blocked traffic going north and south on 4th Avenue South, which runs in front of the guild building.

“Police said they arrested a number of rioters outside of the police union building because they refused to disperse after throwing rocks, bottles and homemade explosives at police,” KIRO-TV reported.

According to citizen journalist Katie Daviscourt, members of the far-left coalition of so-called “anti-fascist” groups known as antifa were among the protesters, as were Black Lives Matter activists.

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Country music, apparently coming from the police union building, could be heard in the background as police moved in to break up the blockade.

WARNING: The following video contains vulgar language that some views may find offensive:

Police arrested a total of 22 protesters and confiscated a box of Molotov cocktails, according to KOMO-TV.

Do you feel police handled the protesters correctly?

Meanwhile, further north in the city that same day, Christians engaged in a protest of sorts after city officials fenced off the Gas Works Park, where a “Let Us Worship” event was set to take place.

Seattle Parks and Recreation told Fox News that the park was closed beginning the night of Sept. 6 “due to anticipated crowding that could impact the public health of residents.โ€

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Rally organizer Sean Feucht recounted Tuesday morning on “Fox & Friends” that after his group found the closed-off park, “we just pivoted and called it a worship protest, so now technically it’s legal and we went to the streets.”

“Itโ€™s so wild, because yesterday, they had on 4th Avenue in Seattle, they had antifa rioters throwing Molotov cocktails at policemen, and yet the city focused their energy on our peaceful worship and prayer rally in Gas Works Park,” the California-based pastor said.

The police apparently allowed the protest to proceed, since it was peaceful, with some officers appearing to mix in with the worshipers.

Feucht has held Let Us Worship events around the country over the last several weeks.

“We had 12,000 people that gathered with us at the capitol in Sacramento two nights ago and itโ€™s just continuing to build momentum,” the singer/songwriter told Fox News.

Feucht plans to hold a rally in Washington, D.C., on Oct. 25.

To recap: We actually had antifa protesters and God worshipers holding protests in the same city on the same day.

Now if we could just get the former to join in with the latter, something really positive could occur.

As scripture tells us, “Nothing is impossible with God.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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