Arizona Senate Committee Issues Subpoenas To Audit Dominion Voting Machines


Arizona State Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Eddie Farnsworth announced on Tuesday evening subpoenas have been issued to audit the Dominion Voting Systems equipment used in Maricopa County, which includes the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Farnsworth signaled his intention to do so Monday following a committee hearing about the 2020 election.

“Subpoenas have been issued,” Farnsworth tweeted Tuesday.

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In an interview with radio talk show host James T. Harris on Tuesday, the state legislator discussed what the subpoenas contain regarding Dominion Voting Systems machines used in Maricopa County.

“So these legislative subpoenas will basically say, ‘We want the information. We want access to the machines. We want access to ballots.’ We’re not really looking for the underlying physical ballots, but there are digital representations,” Farnsworth said.

All ballots counted through the Dominion voting machines are scanned and a digital image is created, he explained.

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“There is technology that can look at those ballots to see if there are any anomalies, to see if there’s any dual voting and whether or not these were pre-printed,” Farnsworth said.

The senator said he had been hoping the Maricopa County Board of Supervisors would conduct an audit, based on previous interest expressed by some of its members.

“The county is listening to legal counsel and I can’t fault them for this because there is ongoing litigation,” Farnsworth said. “They’re concerned. They don’t want to get involved with evidence-tampering.”

“We’re going to see if we can cut through that limitation from a legislative standpoint,” he added.

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The Arizona Republican Party, which has sued to gain access to Maricopa’s Dominion’s voting machines, and its chairwoman, Kelli Ward, celebrated the news of the subpoenas being issued.

“Both subpoenas were served today and they call for the information to be delivered to the Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman on or before 5 PM on December 18. A great moment in history for TRANSPARENCY & ELECTION INTEGRITY!” the party tweeted Tuesday.

The Arizona GOP’s case is currently before the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, having been dismissed by U.S. District Judge Diane J. Humetewa, who was appointed by then-President Barack Obama in 2013.

On Monday, an alternate slate of 11 Arizona Republican electors cast their vote for Trump.

The slate presumably would be offered in Congress on Jan. 6 when the Electoral College vote is verified should the forensic audit or other vote verification efforts reveal the president won the Grand Canyon State.

Dominion Voting Systems were used in Michigan and Georgia, both of which Trump carried in 2016, but flipped to Democrat Joe Biden in November.

In each state, significant counting glitches occurred, involving thousands of ballots, that on the whole favored Biden over Trump.

Biden currently leads Trump in Arizona by 10,457 votes.

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