Atheist Society Official Resigns After Announcing He Found Jesus


There is one less atheist in the world, according to a tweet from the Atheists in Kenya Society.

“This evening, regretfully, our Secretary Mr. Seth Mahiga made the decision to resign from his position as Secretary of our society. Seth’s reason for resigning is that he has found Jesus Christ and is no longer interested in promoting atheism in Kenya,” the group tweeted on Saturday.

A video posted Sunday showed him in church accepting Christ.

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Mahiga told the congregation, “Some of these fine days, I have been going through some difficulties in life, then I decided to resign as the secretary,” according to a Kenyan website.

Atheist society President Harrison Mumia issued a statement wishing Mahiga well.

Are you glad for this man?

“We wish Seth all the best in his newfound relationship with Jesus Christ, we thank him for having served the society with dedication over the last one and half years,” the statement said.

Mahiga was secretary for the atheists for the past 18 months.

The group posted on its Facebook page that it was a “sad day” because of the resignation.

A poster using the name Prince Smokee Joe took issue with the comment.

“A ‘sad day’ you say? Well, maybe it is by virtue of your secretary resignation, but it’s the happiest day for your former secretary. Whoever finds Jesus is no longer the same person again. Jesus can be found anywhere & everywhere including within the enormous great walls of atheism. Jesus plunders even hell & let’s the bound captives free,” the post read.

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Mahiga did not release any information about his experience but Dr. Francis Collins, director of the National Institute of Health, has spoken about what it was like to make the journey from atheism to belief.

“Challenged by one of my patients to describe what I believed about God … I realised my atheism was dangerously thin,” Collins said last year, according to Premier Christian News.  “I began a journey to try to understand why intellectually sophisticated people could actually believe in God. To my dismay, I found that atheism turned out to be the least rational of all the choices. To quote [G.K.] Chesterton, ‘Atheism is the most daring of all dogmas, for it is the assertion of a universal negative.'”

Collins said that over two years, “with much help from wise mentors and the writings of C.S. Lewis” he “slowly and rather reluctantly came to the conclusion that belief in God, while not possible to prove, was the most rational choice available”.

“I saw in the very science that I so loved something that I had missed,” Collins said. “The evidence that seemed to cry out for a creator … there is something instead of nothing. The universe had a beginning; it follows elegant mathematical laws. Those laws include a half dozen constants that have to have the exact value they do or there would be no possibility of anything interesting or complex in nature.”

Collins said his thoughts said, “God must be an amazing physicist and mathematician, but does he or she actually care about me?”

Collins said he met a person who “not only claimed to know those answers and to know God, but to be God”.

“That was Jesus Christ,” he said.

“As the truth of the New Testament sank in, I realised I was called to make a decision. In my 27th year, I simply could not resist any longer. With some trepidation, I knelt in the dewy grass on an October morning somewhere in the cascades, and I became a Christian.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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