AZ GOP Takes Aim at Biggest Newspaper in the State Over Trump-Biden Vandalism Story


Dr. Kelli Ward, chairwoman of the Republican Party of Arizona, called out the state’s biggest newspaper on Saturday for what she sees as “fake news.”

A story run by The Arizona Republic covered a few anecdotal examples of “Arizona Republicans for Biden” signs being stolen.

The Republic reported that Daniel Barker, president of the group responsible for the signs, estimated that a few hundred of the signs had been stolen or defaced and said “he thinks Trump supporters” are responsible.

Ward responded to the story on Twitter by calling out what she saw as clear media bias.

“Now write about all the Trump-Pence signs that have been deliberately destroyed, defaced, ripped apart, and stolen all over Arizona. I won’t hold my breath! #FakeNews,” Ward wrote.

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WARNING: An image in the following tweet contains vulgar language that some viewers may find offensive.

According to state Republicans, the removal and destruction of political signs promoting President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence are just as big of a problem, if not more so.

In a video sent exclusively to The Western Journal by the Republican Party of Arizona, a man can be seen tearing down a Trump-Pence sign.

While declining to release details about specific incidents, the Arizona GOP said incidents involving Trump signs have taken place in different parts of the state and have been reported to the authorities.

Republican Party of Arizona spokesman Zachery Henry shared the organization’s condemnation of “the destruction or theft of political signs” in a statement sent to The Western Journal.

“The destruction or theft of political signs is a serious offense and a violation of Arizonans’ First Amendment rights. We continue to see rampant cases of stolen signs bearing our Republican candidates’ names, most especially Trump-Pence signs, all over the state,” Henry wrote.

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“These cases of vandalism are un-American and could be viewed as acts of political terrorism to scare voters into not speaking out and supporting their candidates in the fear they may face greater retaliation than the damage or loss of their signs,” he said.

“Arizonans agree that freedom of expression and freedom of speech must be preserved at all costs. These crimes are unacceptable and bad actors who are caught should face stiff penalties.”

Arizona is hardly the only state to face this problem. Numerous reports of the stealing or defacing of Trump signs have also cropped up in Florida, Pennsylvania and Texas.

In response to those reports, Republicans in the state rallied together.

A group of GOP women in Ahwatukee made it known Sunday that they have plenty of extra Trump signs for those who had had theirs stolen or destroyed.

“Signs (of all sizes) for days at the #[email protected] Victory Office,” the Ahwatukee Republican Women said on Twitter. “Let us know if you need one and we’ll hook you up!”

The Arizona Republican Party shared the post and praised the group for its quick thinking and generosity.

“Great work! We love to see those beautiful signs! #KeepArizonaGreat,” the state GOP tweeted.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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