AZ GOP Warns 2022 Red Wave Will Not Happen Unless Republicans Fight Now


The Arizona Republican Party exhorted Republicans to fight for election integrity now or forfeit a “Red Wave” in 2022.

“The Democrats are watching Republicans ‘roll over’ and not #FightForTrump and are salivating at the chops for 2022. Next election will be another RED WAVE like 2020, but only if Republicans show the People our genuine SPIRIT and FIGHT!” the party tweeted Monday.

The last red wave happened in the 2010 midterms when the Tea Party movement fueled the GOP to pick up 63 House seats flipping the chamber from a strong Democratic majority to a healthy Republican one.

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The GOP also picked up 5 seats in the Senate, though the body remained in the Democrat’s hands until 2014 when Republicans gained control.

In this year’s election, the Grand Old Party beat the odds, flipping at least 13 House seats, even as the incumbent president reportedly lost, which is only one of several anomalies from this year’s election results and political watchers have argued calls for further review.

Arizona State Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Eddie Farnsworth issued subpoenas on Dec. 16 to audit the Maricopa County Dominion Voting Systems machines and ballot images, but so far the county board of supervisors has refused to comply.

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Farnsworth explained in an interview posted Monday, that technology exists to review digital images of ballots to check for anomalies, such as whether mail-in ballots were actually folded as they would have been required to be.

Further, each ballot in a sense has a fingerprint based on how the voter filled it out, the senator said, so potential duplicates can be identified.

“The Catch-22 is how do you get evidence if you can’t have access to the information? But you can’t get access to the information until you have evidence. And that’s the problem and that’s why the legislative subpoenas,” Farnsworth said.

The lawmaker noted that unless the Arizona Senate or House is in session, they cannot vote to find the board of supervisors in contempt, so action is currently at a standstill unless a judge steps in.

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On Monday, Arizona GOP Chairwoman Kelli Ward urged voters to put pressure on the board of supervisors to act and Gov. Doug Ducey to call the state legislature back into session to address the matter.

“I’m frustrated because things are taking so long that we are not getting any relief after the board of supervisors has been subpoenaed by the state legislature and they are ignoring it,” Ward said in a video posted on Twitter by the AZ GOP.

She charged that the county attorneys, Democrat Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, and the board of supervisors are simply employing a delay tactic.

“Call the legislature back in early so they can address this in the manner that the Constitution demands and let our legislators get to the bottom of what happened in our elections in Arizona. What do they have to hide?” Ward said in comments directed at Ducey.

The party tweeted on Monday, “Notice how the Fake News describes #ElectionIntegrity lawsuits as ‘baseless’ and ‘frivolous,’ but never writes about all the elected officials who are refusing to be transparent and audit the vote? It’s almost like the media [have] an agenda!”

State Rep. Mark Finchem, who oversaw an election integrity hearing in Arizona last month in which Rudy Giuliani presented evidence of potential voter fraud, exhorted “Patriots, recharge” in the ongoing fight.

President Donald Trump responded, “Thank you Mark. Big numbers found in Arizona.We must win for our Country!”

Currently, 10,457 votes separate Democrat Joe Biden from President Trump of the approximately 3.3 million votes cast in the race statewide.

In Maricopa County — which is the Grand Canyon State’s most populous, encompassing the Phoenix metropolitan area — Biden defeated Trump by 2.2 percentage points or about 45,100 votes.

In doing so, the former vice president garnered about 337,900 more votes than Hillary Clinton did in 2016 when Trump won the county by 45,500 votes or 2.9 percentage points.

In other words, there was a 5.1 percentage point swing in favor of Biden.

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