Biden Admits He'll 'Get in Trouble' with His Handlers for Taking an Extra Question


President Joe Biden loves to deflect when asked questions by the press pool, making his latest gaffe another moment in the books.

At a news conference Sunday after the G-7 summit, Biden was stingy, admittedly somewhat in jest, with taking questions.

“I’m sorry, I’m going to get in trouble with staff if I don’t do this the right way,” Biden said early on, Fox News reported.

Nonetheless, Biden continued to field questions from reporters despite his staff’s annoyance — at least according to the president.

“I’m going to get in trouble with my staff,” he joked as he fielded his final question.

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“Yeah, go ahead, but pretend I didn’t answer you.”

Does the media actually care that he is so hesitant to answer questions?

Probably not, because everything is “back to normal” in their beltway fantasy land.

But Biden is likely correct to presume that his staff would not be happy with him taking a large number of questions or answering ones that might have a less than stellar answer.

Should Biden take more questions from the media?

The entire premise of the administration is to avoid making headlines in an attempt to be a sharp contrast from the previous White House.

While they may want to tout transparency, Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris’s hesitancy to be honest with the media ends up doing more harm than good.

Harris was in hot water last week following her trip to Central America when Lester Holt asked her about when she’ll visit the southern border.

“Do you have any plans to visit the border?” Holt asked.

“At some point,” she replied.

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“We are going to the border. We’ve been to the border. … This whole thing about the border, we’ve been to the border. We’ve been to the border.”

“You haven’t been to the border,” Holt said.

“And I haven’t been to Europe either,” the vice president fired back.

“And I mean, I don’t understand the point you’re trying to make. I’m not discounting the importance of the border.”

Whether it is Biden or Harris, the administration has decided that making quips as a distraction is a good idea, rather than informing the public about the truth.

The stakes are too high for the nation’s leaders to be joking around like this constantly, and it is rather concerning.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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