Biden Headed for Disaster in 2022: New Poll Delivers Grim Warning to Democrats Across the Country


President Joe Biden’s approval rating could spell disaster for Democrats as the 2022 midterm campaign season is kicking off.

The Trafalgar Group, a conservative-leaning polling firm, released new data from its October 2021 nationwide survey, which provided key insights into what the United States thinks about the Biden administration.

Out of 1,087 likely general election voters surveyed from Oct. 4 to Oct. 6, 56 percent disapproved of Biden’s job as president, while only 39.6 percent approved.

The poll had a 2.97 percent margin of error, with 95 percent confidence.

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For those who are in denial about Biden being so unpopular, it is worth noting that 39.3 percent of those polled were Democrats, compared with 35.6 percent of Republicans.

Unsurprisingly, 61.1 percent of Democrats approved of Biden, whereas 86.6 percent of Republicans disapproved.

While those groups will presumably vote along their party lines in 2022, independent voters will ultimately decide the fate of the legislative branch.

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Independent voters, who made up 25.1 percent of those polled, disapproved of the president at a decisive 65.8 percent.

It has become a pattern in American politics that independent voters are usually dissatisfied with the current president, and vote for his opposing party halfway through their term.

In this particular case, Biden’s high disapproval ratings are great news for Republicans, who are expected to retake the House of Representatives.

Democrats only have a narrow majority of 220 seats compared with the Republicans’ 212 (3 seats are currently vacant), as Republicans were able to win 11 seats in 2020, and the Democrats did not pick up any.

Redistricting will play a role in how both parties will strategize in winning the House, but Republicans need to bank off Biden’s failures as president regardless of new district maps.

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Independent voters are what make or break races in competitive districts, and it needs to be made clear that keeping Democrats in power will only allow Biden’s agenda to continue pushing forward.

On issues ranging from jobs, the border, and foreign policy, Democrats in Congress have done nothing but enable the Biden White House.

Most Democrats are backing his proposed ridiculously expensive $4.5 trillion “Build Back Better” agenda, have barely acknowledged the border crisis, and did not consider impeachment over his team’s ignorance in Afghanistan.

Unless the Biden administration miraculously changes direction in the coming months, they are looking at a rough 2022 election for their party.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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