Biden Humiliates Himself Trying to Tell Story: 'Eh, You Know, Uh, Was Up There, Uh ... I Don't Know, Man'


President Joe Biden is leading our nation through one of its most trying periods in history — rising inflation rates, tensions with Russia over Ukraine, and a humanitarian crisis at the border. And now he’s tasked with choosing the next Supreme Court justice of the United States.

Yet Biden can’t even field an off-topic question from reporters without getting agitated, and he can’t tell a story about riding in a Hummer without getting tripped up and forgetting everything he meant to say.

Business as usual in the Biden White House, if we’re being honest.

It certainly has been a tough week for the Biden administration as far as appearances go: On Monday, the president was caught on a hot mic calling Fox News reporter Peter Doocy a “stupid son of a b****” just one week after being overheard calling a female reporter’s question “stupid.”

And Tuesday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki struggled to tell the media what the president’s plans for the day were, only to be made looking foolish later when it was discovered he’d been shopping and eating ice cream instead of running the country.

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On Wednesday, the dumpster fire continued to rage, as this happened when Biden tried to recount the time last year they let him try the new electric Hummer at the General Motors plant in Dearborn, Michigan:

Is Biden sharp enough to run the country?


The video clip was 24 seconds of sheer pain, all of which apparently were required just for our elderly president to spit out the name of the type of vehicle he was allowed to test drive.

Although Biden certainly is known for his on-camera stumbles, foibles and mumbling, it’s hard not to notice the marked difference in demeanor from Monday’s press event, where he displayed a much quicker wit, albeit under his voice, when Doocy pressed him with a question he didn’t like:

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As it happens, losing one’s train of thought (the Dearborn example) and showing agitation and inappropriate behavior (Doocy) are potential symptoms of dementia, and neither example is a sign of a cool, calm and collected leader of the free world, which is exactly what this free world needs now.

Meanwhile, when we would have imagined the president would be meeting with his top defense officials and advisers, plotting whatever strategy he has for a potential Russian invasion of Ukraine, he was out getting ice cream (in January, for some reason), a fact he hardly tried to hide.

Is this the resident of the White House … or a nursing home?

Are we really expected to believe that Biden is going to successfully stare down Russian President Vladimir Putin while possessing the public demeanor of a crotchety, confused senior citizen who likes ice cream more than performing his duties?

Putin could run circles around him, cognitively speaking.

In the words of Biden himself: Come on, man.

Remember when Democrats whined for four years that the world was laughing at us because the Orange Man and his mean tweets were the face of the nation?

Um, yeah.

I don’t know about you, but I sure could go for mean tweets right about now.

They couldn’t possibly make things any worse than the one-year tenure of Biden has made things.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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