Biden Shows He Has Lost Touch with Reality, Says US Is 'On the Right Track' Despite Economic Disaster


There are two possible explanations for President Joe Biden’s recent antics.

Either, one, Biden is completely fine with the current economic crisis as it devastates his constituents, or two, he somehow doesn’t even know about it.

Either way, there’s no denying the president has lost touch with the reality of the situation.

On Tuesday, at a campaign event for Virginia gubernatorial candidate and fellow Democrat Terry McAuliffe, Biden demonstrated as much when he said four simple words, claiming that America was “on the right track.”

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“People are buying more things, manufacturing is up, we’re on the move but we’re on the right track,” Biden said.

RNC Research shared a video of Biden’s comments along with some pointed commentary.

Is Biden losing touch with reality?

“Prices are up, the supply chain is in crisis, real wages are down, and Biden calls this the ‘right track’?” RNC Research wrote on Twitter.

Other conservatives on the social media platform also commented on the post, noting the insanity of Biden’s claim given the current economic climate.

“This is serious. He isn’t all there. Everyone sees it,” former Acting Director of the U.S. National Intelligence Richard Grenell wrote.

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“If this is the ‘right track’ there are millions of Americans who want the heck off this train,” Loudoun County activist Aliscia Andrews wrote.

No one in their right mind can possibly argue that the United States is on the right track under Biden’s administration.

Cultural and political differences are dividing us more than ever before. Inflation is destroying the value of each American’s savings. Furthermore, the supply chain crisis continues to barrel out of control, with many left wondering whether or not store shelves will be empty come Christmas season.

We need a leader who acknowledges these problems and has a plan to stop them.

Sadly, it appears that the current U.S. president is not that man.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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