Biden's Secretary of Interior Slammed for Disturbing Video with Drag Queen Park Ranger


The worst part is, they’re serious.

A video posted to social media on Monday clearly aims to make Americans more aware of LGBT History Month by showing a chat between Interior Secretary Deb Haaland and an apparently transgender National Park Service ranger in New York City.

But for normal people, the kinds of Americans who might have thought the country was done with this kind of kabuki theater when “Pride Month” ended in June, a ranger done up like Pippi Longstocking with a mustache and splotchy makeup tends to spoil the effect — and the responses let everyone know it.

First, check it out here:

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To get the obvious out of the way, Haaland was at the Stonewall National Monument, a National Park Service-run site in New York that commemorates six days of rioting in 1969 by gays in the Big Apple tired of police harassment.

Her companion in the video is a towering, muscular, mustachioed park ranger going by the name of “Patty Gonia,” a moniker that’s probably as fake as the red-tress wig.

Throw in the high-heeled leather boots, miniskirt (skorts?) and rainbow wristbands, and it comes off like a parody in the proud tradition of “Monty Python’s Flying Circus.”

But no, the ranger had a lot to say about the importance of sites like Stonewall — where a police raid on a Mafia-owned gay bar sparked the famous violence.

When Haaland asked, in an obviously arranged question, why Stonewall mattered, this hulking caricature of wannabe womanhood, a man standing next to the interior secretary of the United States in a moment deliberately recorded for national consumption at taxpayers’ cost, declared that “queer rights are more under attack than ever.”

“We need to not ignore hate as it exists today. We need to acknowledge it, because it’s not just our past, it’s our present.”

As President Joe Biden might put it, “Come on, man!”

Of course, there’s no question that the country isn’t perfect. In fact, it has a history of racism, etc., intolerance, etc., and so forth, etc., ad nauseam, etc., amen.

Is America going in the right direction?

But it cannot be said enough that no country was founded with a better vision of the future for its people, or has done more, or continues to do more, to rectify its past. The left’s failure to acknowledge that just proves how intellectually and morally bankrupt its cause is.

And parading what amounts to a mockery of female appearance to mouth pieties about the past and present doesn’t exactly elevate the conversation. It opens it up for ridicule. And ridicule is what it got:

And this one nailed it:

It’s beyond an insult to people’s intelligence. It’s like the progressive leftists of the Biden administration have simply discarded even pretending to tell the truth. Now, they’re just putting a blatant lie in America’s face and daring the country to call it out.

It looks like nonsense to normal people. It looks like satire to the sane.

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But in the modern world of leftist thought, taking an obviously fully grown man, adorning him with stereotypical women’s clothing and demanding — demanding — that he be taken as a woman by every viewer is a test of leftist control over the perception of reality no less complete than a torturer’s domination of his victim in a pivotal scene in Orwell’s classic “1984.”

“There are five fingers there. Do you see five fingers?”

But instead of O’Brien making Winston Smith’s agony-wracked mind imagine a part of the anatomy that’s physically impossible, the modern left and the Biden administration are depending on ever-present social pressure and the ever-present threat of government coercion to make Americans believe a different kind of non-reality.

“That’s a woman standing there. Do you see a woman?”

They’re not going to stop until they make Americans say “yes.”

And they’re deadly serious.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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