'Black Lives Matter' Silent as Ambush Attack Kills Black Deputy, Injures His Two Fellow Lawmen


Black lives matter unless they’re dressed in blue, apparently.

This became all too clear in the early hours of Saturday morning, when police say an ambush-style attack hit three black off-duty deputies working a side job together.

The attack happened at a Houston, Texas, nightclub and left one of the deputies, Kareem Atkins, dead according to KTRK-TV. The other two men survived, but are now fighting to recover from serious injuries. Atkins’ best friend, Deputy Darryl Garrett, was also shot in the same attack.

Garrett’s fiance says the two men were like brothers and she is keeping the news of Atkins’ death from him so as to not jeopardize his recovery. A third deputy, Juquaim Barthen, was also injured in the shooting with non-life-threatening wounds.

The incident started as Atkins and Garrett were responding to a suspected robbery in the nightclub’s parking lot. Once they had the suspect on the ground, a second man emerged and gunned the deputies down. Barthen responded to the resulting commotion and was hit in the leg by gunfire.

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Atkins had just returned from paternity leave for his second child.

The suspected shooter is still on the loose.

If there was ever a place for Black Lives Matter to stand up for someone, this is it. One black man was killed and his family left without a father, while two other black men were hit in the same apparent ambush.

Is Black Lives Matter a divisive organization?

Unfortunately, the organization has been completely silent on the matter.

The last couple of posts on the BLM’s Twitter account celebrate an award given to the group and another urges for “true justice” on George Floyd’s 48th birthday. These posts predate the shooting, and nothing has been uploaded to the account since.

The group’s Facebook page did make a post after the shooting, however.

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Instead of bringing attention to the senseless anti-cop violence in Houston and the lives it has destroyed, Black Lives Matter was instead pushing for the full removal of police from schools.

Thankfully, Americans can step up for their own countrymen where Black Lives Matter fails to do anything but utterly divide.

According to KPRC, The 100 Club, a group that helps the families of fallen law enforcement and firefighters, is giving $20,000 to the wife of Atkins and will continue to help with education and other finances.

Donations to The 100 Club’s “Survivor’s Fund” can be made here.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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