'Bombshell' Document from Georgia Investigator Shows 'Massive' Election Integrity Problems


A 29-page memo from a Fulton County, Georgia, election monitor outlined “massive” election integrity failures and mismanagement, according to a new report.

Just the News published what it described as a “bombshell report” that cited problems including double-counting votes, insecure storage of ballots and the removal of election material at a vote collection warehouse.

“This seems like a massive chain of custody problem,” Carter Jones wrote in his memo.

The time stamp on the notation was at 4 p.m. on election day and Jones said he observed absentee ballots arriving at the scanning center at Atlanta’s State Farm Arena “in rolling bins 2k at a time.”

“It is my understanding is that the ballots are supposed to be moved in numbered, sealed boxes to protect them,” he wrote.

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“Too many ballots coming in for secure black ballot boxes.”

In another instance, he noted that he observed someone taking the wrong suitcase of poll pads.

“Seems to be a mystery who this person was,” he wrote. “Should have chain of custody paperwork!! That means that a stranger just walked out with sensitive election materials?”

Jones also appeared concerned about workers from a firm called Happy Faces. He reported the workers could be heard saying they were ready to “f*ck sh*t up.”

Do you trust the outcome of the election?

“I must keep an eye on these two,” he wrote.

“Perhaps this was a bad joke, but it was very poorly timed in the presence of a poll watcher.”

Jones was appointed to ensure the county’s compliance with a consent agreement and told The Associated Press that even though the election process was messy, he didn’t see any evidence of “dishonesty, fraud or intentional malfeasance.”

“It’s not what it looks like during the election. It’s what happens after the election and what it looks like at the end,” Jones told the AP.

“Fulton was able to make their numbers zero out and there was nothing that should challenge the certification of this election.”

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Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger told Just the News that “it is no secret that Fulton has had issues in their elections department for decades,” which is why he supports the ouster of the county’s top election officials, but he still has faith in the election outcome.

Phill Kline, the head of the Amistad Project, which has challenged election integrity around the country, said Jones’ report showed a “willful violation of law” to help President Joe Biden win.

“This [reveals] chaos caused by incompetence and in some instances willful violation of law in order to assist Mr. Biden,” he said.

“This is consistent with the evidence we are finding in Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Michigan despite efforts at intimidation by Attorney General Garland.”

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