Border Patrol Agent Goes Viral with Resignation Letter, Scorches Biden Admin


A Border Patrol agent scorched the current administration on his way out of the law enforcement agency, saying it had become “unrecognizable” and that illegal immigrants “have gone from a fear of infringing the law to brazenly inquiring about what’s taking so long with their right to unconditional assimilation.”

According to the Washington Examiner, Mustafa Joseph sent the letter Dec. 13 after his resignation the day before.

The letter went viral — unsurprising, given the fact we’re nearly a year deep into a border crisis caused by President Joe Biden’s administration, which refuses to step up and enforce the law. (This has been one of the most consistent problems with the Biden administration, and one we’ve been keeping readers abreast of since day one of his presidency. You can help us bring America the truth by subscribing.)

In the email, which Joseph sent to Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz, he slammed the current state of the patrol and the military — both of which he’s served in.

“As the Patrol and the U.S. Government at large slip more and more into the unrecognizable, it’s unclear what I took an oath to defend starting from way back in 1996 as a Navy Corpsman. The Supreme Court, the last line of Constitutional clarity, is in disarray as well,” Joseph wrote.

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“It’s impossible to live by a code and just show up to work for a paycheck — simply the wrong line of work for that,” he continued.

“This ought not be a ‘clock in, clock out’ affair. More and more Agents will slowly migrate to that way of life as circumstances shape and perhaps crystalize the present reality?”

While he didn’t point out Biden or anyone in the current administration by name, the subtext of the letter made it very clear who he was talking about.

“The undocumented have gone from a fear of infringing the law to brazenly inquiring about what’s taking so long with their right to unconditional assimilation,” Joseph wrote.

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“Have we become ‘Handmaids’ to their cause? Incomprehensible … Particularly as the concept of ‘law’ becomes an increasingly nebulous moving target.”

He added Ortiz had “done the best you can with the select deck of cards.”

“I bid you farewell and opt to take a path less fraught and morally palatable, if not neutral for personal sanity and prolonged health,” he concluded.

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The resignation and viral letter came after a record-breaking year of illegal immigration arrests at our southern border.

According to Sinclair Broadcast Group, a record-breaking 1.7 million encounters were logged at the border last fiscal year, which ended in September — the most recorded in history.

Customs and Border Protection data show numbers began going up almost the moment Biden got into office, with 101,099 encounters logged in February. These numbers were in the 70,000s the previous few months.

In March, that shot up to 173,211 encounters. Those numbers wouldn’t decrease until August, and in July and August the number of encounters topped 200,000. While they had decreased for three straight months, they increased again in November to 173,620.

The overall number was up over 140 percent from last year’s total.

In addition to illegal immigration, drug traffic has increased. In fiscal year 2021, 16,601 pounds of the opiates fentanyl and heroin were seized by Customs and Border Protection, compared with 10,554 in 2020 — a 57 percent jump.

If you need to know why this is, consider that agents in Texas’ Rio Grande Valley Sector — the busiest Border Patrol sector — are forced to stand by and watch as illegal immigrants stream into the country.

Watching this, you’re probably not surprised that agents like Mustafa Joseph quit.

You may be surprised more haven’t.

Then again, give the men and women of the Border Patrol another three years of this disastrous policy-making, and sadly, that’ll sort right out.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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