Border Patrol Union Head: Biden Admin 'Really Doesn't Care What's Coming Across Our Borders'


National Border Patrol Council President Brandon Judd blasted the Biden administration’s response to the border crisis during a Friday interview, as 85,000 migrants reportedly approach the nation’s southern border.

Panama has warned that up to 85,000 migrants are traveling to the border of the U.S. Responding to Vice President Kamala Harris and her role to address the root causes of migration, Judd offered strong words against her lack of leadership.

“She’s pandering to her open border base,” Judd said during the “Fox & Friends First” interview on Friday, regarding Harris. “That’s what this administration does.”

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Judd added that the response has more to do with Democratic supporters than border security and enforcing immigration laws.

“They look at what does their base want and they go out and they give it to them. When we look at 65,000 people coming up to our borders — and this is just one group. It’s not like these are the only people coming up to the borders.”

Judd also addressed the recent Del Rio, Texas, migrant movement that saw up to 15,000 people living under a bridge along the southern border in September.

“This administration wasn’t prepared. They knew they were coming. They weren’t prepared. Now you have 65,000 in the month of October. Next month, we’re probably going to have 150,000.

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“This administration doesn’t really care about enforcement at the border. And as this group is coming up, they just made this announcement, that [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] now can’t deport people just because they’re here in the United States illegally.”

Judd believes the ICE judgment will be legally challenged and overturned but warns we should expect to continue to see large groups coming up to the southern border.

“Again, this administration — when you look at enforcement at the border — this administration is a complete dumpster fire. It really doesn’t care what’s coming across our borders.”

The Border Patrol leader also published an Op-Ed on Sept. 22 for Fox News that addressed the driving forces behind the large caravans headed toward the U.S.

“Catch-and-release is the single biggest driver of illegal immigration right now. If we reward people for crossing our borders illegally, they will continue to come,” Judd wrote.

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“More than 40 years of evidence proves this. And the staggering catch-and-release figures this year show why more people than ever are crossing our borders illegally.”

During an interview on “Mornings with Maria” earlier this week, Judd also addressed the concern of COVID-19 among illegal immigrants.

“We are absolutely not testing migrants, nor are we giving vaccines to migrants,” he said.

He added that the border will become more unstable once non-vaccinated agents are removed from their posts.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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