Brazil, a Country Engulfed in Sin, Will Soon Have an Even Larger Statue of Jesus Watching Over It


A country lost in the depths of sin (which one isn’t?) will soon have a towering reminder of Jesus Christ watching over it, and it appears the new monument will be the tallest of its kind undertaken anywhere in the world.

Although Brazil already boasts one of the world’s tallest statues of Jesus, Rio de Janeiro’s “Christ the Redeemer,” the newest tribute will rise several meters higher over the country’s southern state of Rio Grande do Sul, according to France 24.

The statue doesn’t appear to have an idle name, either.

“Christ the Protector” will overlook a country that is awash in drugs, crime and horrific violence. If the wages of sin is death, Brazil is rolling in it.

Although one 2013 Pew Research Center poll found Brazil to be overwhelmingly Roman Catholic, it seems many adherents were either moving towards Protestantism, switching faiths or abandoning religion altogether.

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While polls can give us a helpful insight into issues, questionnaires and surveys cannot pierce through to see the truth of the matter in men’s hearts like God does.

Unfortunately, drugs and crime are not the only worldly woe the people of Brazil, or any nation, need protecting from.

Religious gatherings were banned in Rio during the height of COVID-19 fear in early 2020. Despite the restriction, some of the faithful defied the ban and continued to attend services.

While the secret masses didn’t need to stay hidden for long, the situation paints a worrying precedent on what governments could be able to do in the future.

Would you visit this monument?

According to France 24, the new Christ the Protector statue that will watch over the nation is funded solely by donations.

The funds are being handled by the Association of the Friends of Christ, which is also coordinating work on the statue.

Planned to stand 43 meters tall on its pedestal, this depiction of Jesus will have an elevator and an observation deck. The statue will also feature a massive 36-meter arm span, measured fingertip-to-fingertip.

By comparison, Rio’s “Redeemer” only stands 38 meters at its highest point, with a relatively paltry 28-meter arm measurement.

Besides inspiring the faith of those that see the statue, officials and those behind the monument also hope it will bring tourism and much-needed cash to the region.

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Under construction since 2019, it seems the coronavirus pandemic miraculously didn’t kill this project.

In April, the arms were added to the massive monument and progress was chugging along.

Those involved in the construction of the statue expect it to be totally complete and ready for the public late this year.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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