Breaking: Biden Takes Nasty Fall on Air Force Academy Graduation Stage


In a genuinely concerning trend, President Joe Biden has been captured taking a very nasty spill in public — again.

Biden, who spoke at the U.S. Air Force Academy graduation ceremony near Colorado Springs, Colorado, on Thursday, was seen taking a startling tumble after speaking on stage.

It’s unclear if the 80-year-old president was speaking on a platform and stumbled while stepping down or tripped over his own feet on a flat surface.

You can judge for yourself below:

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While Biden has a bit of a well-documented history of struggling with the stairs of Air Force One, those mistakes have generally happened in the dark or while climbing steps.

Over two years ago, in March 2021, Biden’s health first came under the searing spotlight when he struggled — multiple times — getting up the steps of Air Force One.

In February of this year, the president again struggled to maintain his footing and balance while boarding Air Force One, this time in Poland:

Perhaps most infamously, Biden came under fire in June 2022 when he fell over on a bicycle that was completely stationary.

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Unlike those previously documented instances, the Air Force graduation snafu can’t be explained away by it being dark, involving multiple steps or coming on a bicycle.

The incident will likely raise some eyebrows when the president can seldom afford for that to occur.

Is Biden fit to serve as president?

Biden, seeking a second presidential term and re-election in 2024, is already facing an uphill battle in terms of popularity, before his age and physical well-being are considered.

That’s not to say that Biden doesn’t already have detractors concerned about his age.

In fact, this Air Force incident occurred on the heels of Biden’s own deep-blue hometown of Scranton, Pennsylvania, being publicly torn on his candidacy because of his age and mental fitness.

Biden and the White House had not commented on the incident as of early Thursday afternoon.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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