Bridge Has Major Failure, Total Collapse Right Before Biden Is Scheduled to Speak on Infrastructure


A bridge collapsed in Pittsburgh on Friday morning — the very same day President Joe Biden was scheduled to visit the city and tout his new infrastructure law.

According to WTAE-TV, the Fern Hollow Bridge near Frick Park suddenly fell apart early Friday morning. Photos shared on Twitter showed the devastating scene.

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A Port Authority bus carrying two passengers and a driver was involved in the collapse, WTAE reported. The passengers were transported to a local hospital for treatment.

Pittsburgh Public Safety officials told WTAE there were 10 injuries as a result of the collapse, but none of them were life-threatening.

According to Fox News, first responders rappelled almost 150 feet to rescue passengers from the bus, which was dangling from the collapsed bridge. A human chain had to be formed to help some of the rescuers.

In addition, a “major gas leak” at the scene caused nearby homes to be evacuated due to a strong odor, WTAE reported. In an update on Twitter about an hour after the collapse, Pittsburgh Public Safety announced the gas line had been cut.

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In a statement on Twitter, White House press secretary Jen Psaki confirmed Biden would still proceed with his speech despite the tragedy.

“@POTUS has been told of the bridge collapse in Pittsburgh,” the statement read.

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“Our team is in touch with state and local officials on the ground as they continue to gather information about the cause of the collapse.”

“@POTUS is grateful to the first responders who rushed to assist the drivers who were on the bridge at the time. The President will proceed with trip planned for today and will stay in touch with officials on the ground about additional assistance we can provide.”

According to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Democrats in Western Pennsylvania have been celebrating an upcoming $1.6 billion investment into the state’s bridges. In the next year, the state plans to invest $327 million it will receive from Biden’s infrastructure law into bridges.

It remains to be seen whether the president will attempt to use the collapse to bolster his infrastructure plan during Friday’s speech.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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