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Brilliant Pianist Allegedly Attacked Over His Race, Left Unable To Play

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A sickening attack in New York City reportedly left a brilliant pianist broken, bruised and unable to play.

The beating appeared to be a senseless act of violence, as the musician was allegedly targeted over nothing more than the way he looked.

The attack on pianist Tadataka Unno happened as he was leaving a subway station near his home on Sept. 27, Newsweek reported.

The assault allegedly came from a group of eight people milling around the subway exit.

Unno first tried to go around the group before being pushed, but then people from the group accused him of bumping into someone, according to a New York City Police Department email sent to Newsweek.

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After a short confrontation, one male from the crowd allegedly started throwing punches, and the musician tried to flee.

However, the male continued “to attack him” and caused him to fall to the ground, the NYPD email said.

His alleged attackers didn’t stop raining blows. Reportedly calling him “Chinese,” the group continued to deliver brutal punches that would potentially take away his ability to play the piano.

Unno is Japanese, not Chinese.

Should this be considered an alleged "hate crime"?

The attack left the musician battered and bruised, according to a GoFundMe for Unno set up by one of his friends. Unno reportedly sustained minor injuries to his head and body, and suffered a broken right clavicle that appeared to carry the most devastating toll of the alleged assault.

The broken bone left Unno unable to play music, said his friend, Jerome Jennings.

Playing the piano is the way he earns money for his family, and the injury took away not only his ability to play beautiful music, but also his capacity to provide for his wife and baby.

Although Unno had a shoulder surgery scheduled for Friday, it’s unclear if the procedure will allow the pianist to play again.

Listen to Unno play below:

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The GoFundMe has surged above its $25,000 goal, and now sits at over $113,000 as of Saturday afternoon. The funds will be used for medical costs and to move Unno’s family to a safer area.

Although no arrests have been made in this senseless beating, the NYPD is conducting an investigation.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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