Busted: Photos of Maskless Eric Adams Go Viral Mere Days After NY Mayor Upheld Mask Mandates for Kids


New York Mayor Eric Adams has been busted for posing maskless less than two weeks after announcing he’d maintain the city’s mandate for schoolchildren — and in defiance of the city’s indoor masking requirement for businesses.

On Jan. 25, one day after a New York state Supreme Court justice struck down Gov. Kathy Hochul’s mask mandate as “unconstitutional,” Adams’ office announced that Big Apple schoolchildren still would be required to mask up to attend classes while the governor’s office was appealing the decision, Fox News reported. (An appeals court judge temporarily reinstated the mandate.)

Calling Justice Thomas Rademaker’s ruling “unfortunate,” Adams told a local radio station that day, “We’re going to continue our mandates in schools,” the New York Post reported at the time.

Yet on Sunday, photos surfaced of the Democrat visiting a local eatery and posing, smiling and maskless, with workers and business owners.

The Bronx Little Italy account posted the photos to Instagram. They included several shots of the mayor in bold defiance of the state’s temporarily reinstated indoor mask requirement.

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Adams is only the latest high-profile, mandate-happy Democrat to publicly flout masking mandates just this month.

On Friday, Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams was photographed visiting a school in Decatur City, which has a mask mandate in place, grinning with a bare face for the camera while surrounded by children and faculty members who were all masked.

Last week, top California Democrats including Gov. Gavin Newsom, San Francisco Mayor London Breed and Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti were photographed maskless at SoFi Stadium for the NFC championship game.

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Garcetti, hilariously, would go on to say he had been holding his breath during the photos.

Prominent Democrats such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren and New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have all been spotted going mask-free, as has President Joe Biden, who went maskless on federal property in violation of an executive order he had signed mere hours before.

At this point, you’d be harder pressed to find a Democrat leader who hasn’t been busted maskless than those who have defied the mandates they enact or supposedly support.

The hypocrisy here is palpable and, of course, downright infuriating.

The willingness of pro-mask leaders to forsake their own face-covering whenever it conveniences them just underscores how little they actually consider masks to be essential to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

Yet it takes on a whole, new, almost indescribably sick degree of hypocrisy and amorality that they’re forcing masks on small children, who not only are at very low risk of serious complications from the virus but also might be suffering more from masks than they are protected by them.

There is certainly nothing healthy about restricting a human being’s access to fresh air, let alone a small human who is still developing and, in most cases, far more active than their adult counterparts. We all need exercise, but running, jumping, climbing and horseplay are fundamental for a child’s development.

It’s a crime enough that many public schools have, in recent years, so seriously limited free play for little ones. Now they’ve got to enjoy what little time they have on the playground with their mouths and noses covered as they’re working up a sweat and getting out of breath? How is that healthy?

We’ve also seen that, according to one family who sent their children’s masks into a lab to be tested, the things are crawling with viruses and bacteria.

Yet even if these masks were completely sanitary and didn’t impede healthy breathing, there is another incredibly significant factor: Children are spending their entire day in school without seeing their teachers’ faces and most of the day without seeing those of their peers.

How can children be expected to learn phonics and diction if they can’t see their teachers’ faces? Many families site “socialization” as a reason they’ve opted not to home school, and yet what sort of socialization are children getting if they’re not learning to recognize and respond to their peers’ facial expressions on top of probably often not being able to understand what their classmates are saying clearly?

History will not remember fondly the virtue-signaling Democratic politicians who insisted on keeping mask mandates for children in place when it was not only unnecessary but detrimental for the growth and development of the next generation.

What will it say about the leaders who did so while flouting masking themselves whenever it suited them?

Sometimes you’ve just got to be grateful that every single one of these bare-faced, two-faced leaders will have to answer to the Lord one day for what they did, because it seems like there isn’t justice enough on earth to make right the wrongs they’ve done.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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