Carrie Underwood Enrages Leftists with Apparent Opposition to Mask Mandates for Kids


Singer Carrie Underwood hit a sour note with liberals this week after she gave a social media thumbs-up to a conservative commentator who was thumbs down on mask mandates for children.

Twitter users called attention to the fact that the country star had “liked” an Aug. 12 tweet from The Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh in which he spoke out against mask mandates at a Nashville, Tennessee, school board meeting.

It did not take long for the critics to circle like sharks in the water.

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Walsh posted some tweets mocking the situation and defending Underwood, who had remained mum about the fuss as of Wednesday morning.

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Others also spoke out for Underwood, who has two children.

Underwood has been on the fringes of political controversy in the past, including when she recorded her song “The Bullet” in 2019, according to USA Today.

Are you upset that Underwood "liked" Walsh's tweet?

“Immediately people said, ‘Oh you have a song about gun control!'” she said.

“It was more about the lives that were changed by something terrible happening. And it does kind of bug me when people take a song, or take something I said and try to pigeonhole or force me to pick a side or something. It’s a discussion — a long discussion.”

The country star said she avoids taking public positions on political issues.

“I try to stay far out of politics if possible, at least in public, because nobody wins. It’s crazy. Everybody tries to sum everything up and put a bow on it, like it’s black and white. And it’s not like that,” she said.

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