Census Bureau Data Confirms People Are Fleeing Lib States En Masse, Heading for Conservative Bastions


It’s no secret that those who were frustrated with blue states’ authoritarian policies left their states en masse to live in states that promote freedom, and now there is ample data to prove it.

The United States Census Bureau released a map comparing the percentage of population changes in all 50 states, Puerto Rico and Washington D.C., from July 2020 to July 2021, which covers the bulk of the pandemic.

California, New York, Illinois and Hawaii, which are all deep blue states with Democratic governors, were the only states that saw a negative population increase of 0.60 percent or lower.

Washington D.C., led by Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser, also saw a negative increase of 0.60 percent or lower.

By contrast, 7 states saw an increase of 1.01 percent or higher during that time frame.

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Texas, Arizona, Idaho, Montana, South Carolina, Utah and Delaware all grew substantially in population, and all but Delaware boast conservative leadership at the helm.

Idaho saw the highest annual percentage increase overall, with a 2.9 percent growth, which translates to 53,151 people, according to the Census Bureau. Unsurprisingly, New York had a 1.6 percent annual decrease, a jaw-dropping 319,020 people.

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When broken down into net population change, states that kept people trapped inside their homes ended up losing out in a big way.

California had the largest domestic migration loss with 367,299 residents moving to other states.

New York was a close second — prompting 352,185 of their residents to flee.

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So yes, this could be considered an exodus.

Many families, like my own, were fed up with the coronavirus goalposts constantly changing in blue states, especially with their never-ending fear-mongering campaigns.

In addition, the high cost of living in blue states creates an incentive to move to more affordable states that do not tax their residents and businesses into oblivion.

Unfortunately, this does not mean the former residents of those blue states are going to assimilate right away.

Former Californians and New Yorkers might feel inclined to still vote for Democrats despite their policies being the root cause of their move.

This aloofness could result in states that were once reliably Republican becoming more competitive, and they could quickly lose their appeal.

In short, if you moved in the past year due to your state’s policies, don’t vote for what you fled.

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