Chicago Cop Nearly Overpowered by Knifeman, Saved by Hail of Bullets Flying Inches Away


Unreal body camera footage out of Chicago shows the events leading up to a police officer nearly losing her life, and the hail of more than 20 bullets it took to finally end the threat.

A report of the incident, released by the city’s Civilian Office of Police Accountability, shows the confrontation happened in the early hours of Sept. 5.

Cops responded to several 911 calls about a stabbing and the aggressive behavior of the alleged knifeman, later identified by police as 34-year-old Shaon Warner.

Officers found the man huddled near what looked like a clump of tall grass in a city park. After several attempts to get Warner to put his hands in the air failed, the suspect appears to grab something off the ground.

He then begins walking toward officers, but a Taser fired by Sgt. Angela Salgado soon puts him on the ground.

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The knifeman then rolls over, revealing that he’s armed with a large kitchen knife. Refusing police commands to drop the weapon, he shrugs off the taser and makes a shockingly swift charge for Salgado.

Within seconds, the knifeman is on Salgado, stabbing and grappling as the officer can only scream.

For responding officers, there seems to be no clear shot and no good answer for the problem.

Two other cops with Salgado, Officers Pete Gurskis and Richard Johnson, unleash a flurry of bullets.

Did these cops make the right call by shooting the knifeman?

Records show Gurskis fired 12 of the close-quarters shots, while Johnson fired nine.

After 21 bullets, the knifeman finally falls to the ground. According to police, his wounds were fatal.

Salgado sustained minor stab wounds from the attack, and was rushed by ambulance to an area hospital.

Watch the footage, a montage of film from responding officers’ body cameras, via the following link: WARNING: The video contains graphic violence and vulgar language that some viewers may find disturbing.

This shocking footage shows only one of the dangers that officers on patrol across America deal with on a daily basis.

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Other cases, like the brutal ambush of law enforcement officers in Los Angeles County, also reveal the risks police officers take every day when they put on their uniforms.

As the left continues to call for police departments to be defunded, videos like this make it clear that stripping resources for officers could put many in even more deadly situations.

Fortunately for these officers, their training kept all three alive at the end of the day.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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