Community Inherits Property and Stock Portfolio Worth $7.5 Million After Woman's Death


A community in central Germany is trying to decide what to do with an unexpected windfall of 6.2 million euros ($7.5 million).

The money, which is in the form of shares, valuables, a bank account, a house and property, is from the late Renate Wedel, whose husband was a very successful stockbroker.

Alfred Wedel passed away at the age of 88 in 2014, and Renate Wedel passed away late last year at 81 after spending three years in a nursing home.

The couple had lived in the Weiperfelden district since 1975, and originally the inheritance was supposed to go to Renate’s sister — but she had died, too.

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So, it fell to the Waldsolms community. According to the German outlet Hessenchau, “the money will be invested in community facilities and infrastructure,” as the will directs.

When Mayor Bernd Heine got the news about the sizable gift, he was in disbelief.

“I thought at first, this is simply not possible, I thought a comma had slipped, something is not quite right,” Heine told Hessenchau, according to CNN.

For a community that has a reported budget of just over 10 million euros this year, the inheritance means lots of changes might be possible in the near future.

As the news of the money circulated, so did ideas for how to use it.

“”The money that the couple saved together doesn’t have to be spent in a very short time,” Heine reminded people.

But still the suggestions swirl. Kindergartens have been in high demand. Playgrounds or a heated community pool would be nice. A park for dirt bikes, to appeal to young people. Better medical care.

One plan is to improve local transportation options, maybe in the form of a bus to Butzbach or community-use cars.

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No matter what the funds get used for, many readers are (somewhat) jokingly wishing they had neighbors like the Wedels.

“The community of Waldsolms posthumously thanks the Wedel couple for this important inheritance,” the community said.

“We will deal with it very responsibly, develop our community for the good of all and keep an honorable memory of both.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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