Conservatives Find What's Hiding on Fox News' Website as Network Keeps Digging Deeper Into Hole


Not so long ago, conservatives turned to Fox News as their sole source of breaking news on cable television.

In the midst of a leftist media that was dominated by the likes of CNN and MSNBC, to patriotic Americans, Fox seemed to be the only network that was brave enough to speak the truth.

Unfortunately, the events of recent months suggest that those days are now over.

First, there was the network’s firing of Tucker Carlson, one of the only real conservatives left at Fox and by far its most popular personality. It was a baffling decision that resulted in a huge drop in ratings for the network.

Then, there was the announcement host Harris Faulkner that the network was going to incorporate diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives into its business model in order to comply with New York laws.

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Now, as Fox attempts to put these fiascos behind them, a new one has emerged as conservatives discover a dirty little secret that the network is hiding on its website.

On Tuesday, Matt Walsh took to Twitter to reveal a little-known page of Fox’s website entitled “Amerca Together: Celebrating Diversity.” The current theme of the page is none other than LGBT “pride month.”

“FOX News Media celebrates the contributions to America by the LGBTQ+ community,” the page read.

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Naturally, this has left many conservatives enraged. People who are already frustrated with the network due to the firing of Carlson are finding more reasons to stop watching the network in anger.

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Notice that this page is not just about LGBT “pride” but also talks about “celebrating diversity,” meaning that Fox appears to be adopting the entire narrative of the woke left.

Far from reluctantly embracing it as suggested by Faulkner, Fox seems to be more than willing to jump on the woke bandwagon.

It seems that Fox cannot stop digging a deeper hole for itself. One has to wonder to whom exactly the network is trying to appeal with these changes.

Fox should be aware that it is not going to attract any liberal or leftist viewers to the channel, who are going to stay loyal to their own leftist outlets because Fox is still too conservative for them, and it is going to alienate its existing conservative, largely religious base.

In short, Fox’s to have an LGBT webpage is a complete betrayal of the conservative viewers who made the network the success that it is. It really is time for conservatives to move on to different networks that will remain true to conservative values.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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