Content Warning: Ex-Obama Official Goes on Tirade Against Sinema for Defending the Filibuster


A former White House aide in the Obama administration reached into her grab bag of gutter language when discussing Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona.

Sinema earned the ire of the extreme left wing of the Democratic Party when she stood with Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin of West Virginia and refused to vote to abolish the filibuster as a prelude to passing elections legislation that would give the federal government vast power to take control of elections away from states.

During an episode of the podcast “Pod Save America” that was released on Jan. 13, Alyssa Mastromonaco, a former White House deputy chief of staff, went after Sinema.

“You guys, I have real issues with her,” Mastromonaco said, according to Fox News. “They are many-fold.”

“She talks about the ‘disease of division.’ … She gave the speech as Joe Biden was on [his] way up to the Hill,” Mastromonaco said.

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WARNING: The following video contains vulgar language that some viewers will find offensive.

“It’s the s***tiest, grossest, most disrespectful thing she could’ve done. I think she’s a c***. That’s what I have to say.”

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Although a clip of the rant on Twitter was censored, Mastromonaco said it should not be bleeped out.

“No, because I’m a woman,” Mastromonaco. “I’m a woman, OK?”

Mastromonaco mocked Sinema further, according to the Daily Caller, implying that she was trying to be a pale imitation of former Republican Sen. John McCain of Arizona, who relished his role as a maverick.

Mastromonaco said it was “like you know that she played a combative video game before she went down to the Senate floor, and was like, ‘You are a maverick. You are a maverick!’”

“And b****, you’re not a maverick, OK. No, you’re trash,” she said.

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Many were outraged at Mastromonaco’s vulgar language.

Phelim McAleer, an Irish filmmaker, responded to Mastromonaco’s comments on his own podcast.

“These are the hypocrites who say they are against bullying — whilst being the vilest bullies of all,” he said.

“So much for being the adults in the room! Isn’t it funny how those who praise ‘civility’ and ‘women’s empowerment’ can be the worst at actually empowering women to make their own decisions? Will Alyssa apologize for her vile comments?” McAleer and Ann McElhinney, his wife and partner in making documentaries, said in a statement.

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