Customers Say 'Bye Bye' After J.Crew Rolls Out Disturbing New Kids' Shirt with 4 Words on It


No company is safe from the woke virus and this time customers have become incensed by clothing brand J.Crew for the four tone-deaf words on its new T-shirt aimed at America’s children.

On Wednesday, the indispensable Twitter account Libs of TikTok alerted her 2.2 million followers to the latest shirt J.Crew is selling to parents of toddlers that is festooned with LGBT “pride” flags.

The T-shirt appears on the J.Crew website and is priced at a whopping $34.50 as the company targets children. The shirt includes the words, “love is for everybody” on it.

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Many jumped on Libs of TikTok’s post to blast J.Crew for sexualizing children for the LGBT agenda.

Twitter user Karen Nelson wrote, “Bye Bye” to J.Crew, apparently alluding to her intention to stop buying from the outlet.

Are you sick of “pride” being pushed on children?

Twitter user “MamaBear” left no question that she was now boycotting J.Crew and the left’s targeting of kids.

“Added to my boycott list,” the user tweeted. “Leave our kids alone!”

Another Twitter user said he might return the clothing he just bought from J.Crew.

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And Twitter user Julie Barrett noted something interesting. J.Crew is now so sold to the ever more radicalized gay movement that they didn’t even include the regular rainbow gay flag and went, instead, with the splinter flags of the hardcore transgenders and others.

The sad fact is, J.Crew, Bud Light, Kohls, and Target are not alone in not just pandering to the radical LGBT agenda, but also supporting them with billions of dollars in donations — all of which come from us, their customers. Nearly every major American corporation and product brand proudly supports the radical gay agenda.

But it appears that many Americans are finally starting to pay more attention to this stuff. And, honestly, the more the better. The major losses currently being suffered by Bud Light and retail giant Target are mounting.

But now it is not the time to relax. We have the power to force these woke companies to retreat from their support for individuals who target our children. We must stay the course and demand change.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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