Cyber Expert at AZ Election Hearing Presents Whistleblower Claim Dems Added 35K Votes for Biden


Phil Waldron, a former U.S. Army information warfare officer, presented the claim that 35,000 illegal votes were added to Democratic Joe Biden’s total electronic tally, which is more than three times the current margin between the two candidates of approximately 10,500 votes.

Waldron testified as part of the Trump campaign legal team led by former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani in a hearing before Arizona Republican legislators in Phoenix on Monday.

The cyber expert stated that the Dominion Voting Systems machines used in Maricopa County, which encompasses Phoenix, and similar ones in other counties, were conceived to allow election results to be changed in countries like Venezuela and Bolivia.

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“The voting systems in the U.S. and Arizona, Dominion and several of the other machines were built to be manipulated and as the mayor said they’ve been used in elections around the world with questionable results, and we believe these same questionable results are present in this election,” Waldron said.

He noted they are vulnerable at several levels, including hacking into the online servers where the data from the voting machine is uploaded to and through the USB-type memory devices each machine has.

Waldron stated that contrary to what former Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency head Chris Krebs claims, the voting machines were vulnerable.

Multiple election cybersecurity experts told The Western Journal in the spring that one thing all the electronic voting systems have in common is a removable drive or memory device, which engages in two-way communication with the database when results from each voting machine are uploaded.

Harri Hursti — one the world’s foremost election security experts and star of the HBO documentary  “Kill Chain: the Cyber War on America’s Elections” — explained that all these devices are programmed how to organize and communicate the data to the central database.

“The memory cards actually have a programming side,” he said. “Programming can have a lot of logic. So the program can dynamically look [at] what is happening and decide on the spot what is needed to be done in this precinct on this machine” as part of changing the overall result.

“Once you can send that instruction to the election management system, the election management system is sending the same programming into every voting machine,” Hursti continued.

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“So the only thing you need to do is to modify that program, and there are so many different ways.”

Waldron told the Arizona legislators that his team’s review of votes injected into the system Election Day exceeded the scanners’ ability to process ballots and upload them, suggesting fraud has taken place.

“It’s a signal of a potential anomaly where we would want to go in and do forensic analysis on the ballots processed in those batches,” he said.

Waldron offered the claim made by an anonymous whistleblower in an email sent to all of Arizona’s legislators and the criminal division at the Justice Department.

In the email, the whistleblower claimed that Democrats added 35,000 fraudulent votes to the vote-by-mail tally to Biden’s and other Democratic candidates’ total at 8 p.m. election night in Pima County, which includes Tucson.

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Waldron’s team reviewed the public data available and confirmed an anomalous spike in votes at that time.

The whistleblower further stated the Democrats were planning to add even more votes in Maricopa County.

Waldron pointed out that Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs, who has referred to Trump supporters as “neo-Nazis,” removed the “precinct level detail for election night releases, so candidates can’t see precinct overvotes.”

The cyber expert stated a full ballot audit of Pima County would be able to uncover if what the whistleblower email says is true.

Fox affiliative KSAZ-TV reported that Hobbs certified Arizona’s election results on Monday, while the hearing with Giuliani and his team was underway.

Trump campaign senior legal adviser Jenna Ellis tweeted in response, “This in no way impacts the state legislature’s ability to take back the proper selection of delegates.”

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