Dem Tulsi Gabbard: Biden's SCOTUS Nominee Promise Mirrors Another of His 'Disaster' Decisions


Tulsi Gabbard is the kind of “diversity” Democrats despise.

She’s a former member of Congress from Hawaii who has warred openly with Hillary Clinton and her party’s leadership. And though she endorsed now-President Joe Biden for the Democratic nomination when her own 2020 primary campaign ended, she hasn’t been quiet since in criticizing her party or her president when they parted ways with sanity.

But nothing so far has compared to Gabbard’s Twitter post on Monday that skewered Biden, Vice President Kamala Harris and the Democrats’ entire identity-politics worldview in a single paragraph that no honest American could argue with.

Gabbard’s topic was Biden’s commitment to his campaign pledge to make sex and skin color the key components of his choice in nominating his first Supreme Court selection.

Biden has already made one major personnel decision on those grounds, Gabbard pointed out, and the country has seen the results — the ongoing catastrophe of the Harris vice presidency.

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“Biden chose Harris as his VP because of the color of her skin and sex—not qualification. She’s been a disaster,” Gabbard wrote. “Now he promises to choose Supreme Court nominee on the same criteria. Identity politics is destroying our country.”

There’s no serious dispute that Biden chose Harris as his running mate largely because she’s a black woman. As a politician, she wasn’t skilled enough, or popular enough, to keep her presidential primary campaign going until at least a single vote was cast.

Has Joe Biden cheapened the Supreme Court selection process?

As a senator, her chief claim to fame was acting as a shill on Democratic political issues such as the despicable fight against now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh and attacking then-Attorney General William Barr after her party’s “Russia collusion” hoax collapsed under the weight of special counsel Robert Mueller’s report.

It’s true she was the attorney general of California before entering the Senate, but even Joe Biden isn’t so incompetent that he couldn’t win the Golden State in a cakewalk in a presidential election. He didn’t need Harris for that.

He needed her on the ticket because he thought he needed a black woman and she was the black woman with the prominence to pull it off. And the results, as Gabbard put it, have been a disaster, from her non-handling of the illegal alien crisis (“climate change” is a “root cause,” apparently, not the welcome mat Biden rolled out as soon as he took office), to selling the Biden administration’s policies, to even running her own office with some semblance of competence.

That’s what America got the last time Biden promised a personnel decision based on melanin and chromosomes.

But the vice presidency is a passing thing. Harris might be only a heartbeat from the presidency now, but if the nation is blessed, she will remain that way for all eternity — a one-term vice president whose name will be the question to a “Jeopardy!” clue sometime in the next century.

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But the Supreme Court is a different matter. Whomever Biden picks is likely to be around for the long haul, affecting American lives for 40 years versus four (or even eight).

And as the Harris example shows, his record isn’t promising.

Twitter being a sinkhole of progressive propaganda, Gabbard had plenty of blowback to her tweet. But she had a few who understood.

The question isn’t whether there could be a black woman qualified to sit on the court.

The point is that Biden has publicly limited his choices to a tiny percentage of the population for the express purpose of literally discriminating against every other segment of the population. There is no other way to honestly understand it.

In doing so, he has turned the Supreme Court into another political commodity, where a seat can be traded — like a running-mate selection — for Rep. James Clyburn’s favor in a South Carolina primary.

And the reality is that whoever is chosen for the job and wins Senate confirmation (a virtual foregone conclusion in a polarized age) is always going to be known as the justice selected to fulfill an arbitrary campaign promise.

The worst part of it is, Biden and Democrats are going to sell it as “diversity,” but the nominee is almost certain to be a jurist whose views are indistinguishable from those of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders – it’s only her skin color and sexual equipment (and hopefully her voice) that will be different.

The only diversity that matters is diversity of thought. It’s a quality the modern Democratic Party has purged in recent decades, and Democratic politicians have all but abandoned. But it’s one Tulsi Gabbard appears to have in spades.

And Democrats despise her for it.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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