Dems Keep Citing 'Science,' But CDC Stresses 'Importance of Reopening America's Schools'


Democrats have made it no secret that they believe President Donald Trump to be an enemy of science.

A cursory Google search of “Donald Trump science” prominently features results that decry Trump for denying science, being “anti-science” and, rather bombastically, warring with science.

A quick look at Twitter reveals similar sentiments from prominent figures:

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That last tweet from Dr. Tom Frieden — director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention under the Obama administration — is a curious one though, given his mention of and past connection with the CDC.

“We can’t let politics get in the way of science,” he says.

To be clear, that’s a wonderful sentiment. So then why do liberals appear to be doing exactly that when it comes to reopening schools?

On July 23, the CDC published an article titled, “The Importance of Reopening America’s Schools this Fall.”

“The best available evidence indicates if children become infected, they are far less likely to suffer severe symptoms,” the CDC says. “Death rates among school-aged children are much lower than among adults.  At the same time, the harms attributed to closed schools on the social, emotional, and behavioral health, economic well-being, and academic achievement of children, in both the short- and long-term, are well-known and significant.  Further, the lack of in-person educational options disproportionately harms low-income and minority children and those living with disabilities.”

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“School closure disrupts the delivery of in-person instruction and critical services to children and families, which has negative individual and societal ramifications,” the CDC states in conclusion.

Those are valid points that doctors and scientists have arrived at. So why aren’t supposedly “pro-science” liberals supporting all of this science?

Could it be because they think school closures help them by hurting Trump?

Surely, they’re not letting their politics get in the way of scientific recommendation. Right?

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