Dems Spent $19 Million Promoting GOP Candidates Whom Biden Now Says Are a Threat to Democracy


President Joe Biden took a second pass at labeling Republicans a threat to democracy on Wednesday, and it went about as well as his blood red-lit address in front of Independence Hall in Philadelphia in September.

On Wednesday night in a speech from Union Station near Capitol Hill, the president said there are hundreds of GOP 2020 “election deniers” on the ballot in the midterms.

They must be defeated because they pose an existential threat to the United States of America, he argued.

What Biden conveniently left out is that his party helped finance many of these candidates’ primary wins to the tune of $19 million, according to The Washington Post.

So what one has to conclude is those office seekers are not the would-be threats to the future of the republic that Biden is making them out to be. Otherwise, why would the Democratic Party put its financial support behind them? That puts these supposedly dangerous Republicans one election night away from taking power.

Trump Dominates Biden with a Clean Sweep in New Poll of Key States

“It’s estimated that there are more than 300 election deniers on the ballot all across America this year,” the president said.

“We can’t ignore the impact this is having on our country. It’s damaging, it’s corrosive, and it’s destructive,” he contended.

“And I want to be very clear: This is not about me. It’s about all of us. It’s about what makes America ‘America.’ It’s about the durability of our democracy.”

How many real election deniers are out there, anyway?

I never met anyone who does not believe an election occurred in 2020, and Biden was declared the winner and is currently serving as president.

Many Republicans have questioned the legitimacy of the 2020 election, due to last-minute changes in election procedures in places like Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and Georgia, and other abnormalities.

It could be likened to your team losing thanks to what you believe is bad refereeing. Your team still lost. There’s no getting around that. Obviously, in a presidential race the ramifications are much greater, as we’ve all experienced these last two years.

Big Wins In NY, CA, OR and AZ Were Key to GOP Securing Apparent House Majority

An NBC News poll released last month found that two-thirds of Republicans do not believe Biden is the legitimately elected president, so the sense of unfairness on the GOP side is pretty widespread.

That said, in a Rasmussen survey published in April, 72 percent of Democrats said they believed the outcome of the 2016 race was likely changed by Russian interference.

If questioning presidential election results is a threat to democracy, Democrats have been doing it for years, going back at least to 2000.

After Biden’s Independence Hall speech in September, the Republican National Committee responded with a 10-minute long video compilation of Democrats, including Biden himself, denying or casting doubt on election results.

So enough of the sanctimony.

Take Biden’s attacks on MAGA Republicans as “threats to democracy” as what they clearly are: campaign rhetoric deployed in a desperate attempt to mitigate damage his party is likely to incur on Tuesday.

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