Deputies Surprise Mom of Two Who Walked 12 Miles Each Work Day with Van


There are few things as powerful in this world as a mother’s love for her children — but the kindness of a group of deputies from Franklin County, Kansas, might come pretty close.

A 24-year-old Princeton resident and mother of two wasn’t about to let less-than-ideal circumstances keep her from working to put food on the table. She had a job at a “nearby” Love’s Travel Stop, but she had no means of transportation other than the feet God had given her.

So every morning she walked six miles to that truck stop, and every day she walked the six miles back — until people started calling in about her.

The sheriff’s office started getting calls about the mother, spotted along the side of the highway at 7 a.m. Whenever they got a call, a deputy would head out to pick her up.

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“Each time Deputies responded they encountered a 24-year-old Princeton woman walking and would give her a ride to work so she would not have to walk on the cold highway,” the Franklin County, KS – Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook.

“Throughout these contacts with her, the Sheriff’s Office learned this woman walked to work at Love’s truck stop six miles (and then six miles back home) to support her two small children.

“The woman made several comments about how she had to walk so she could feed her children and was very driven and motivated to take care of her family any way she could.”

After ferrying her to work several times, some of the deputies met to come up with a solution. Continuing to walk along the highway wasn’t safe for the woman, and they wanted to do something that would help her more permanently.

Knowing she was struggling but that she had the drive and determination to make things work however she could, the deputies (who wanted to remain anonymous) and several other kind groups came up with a wonderful, generous, extensive Christmas gift.

“After only a few days, through generous citizens and businesses and the use of our ‘No Shave November’ funds we were able to donate a van, two new car seats, a price chopper gift card, the registration for the van and the first year of car insurance along with $200,” the post continued.

She had no idea what was coming, but on Tuesday she got the surprise of a lifetime, with the goal of “making a better Christmas for her and her small children.”

The photos that the sheriff’s office shared say it all. The gifts were clearly very appreciated, and the freedom of a set of wheels and the security of registration and insurance already paid for — plus the thoughtful addition of the car seats and cash — means this Christmas could look a lot merrier than it once did for the mother and her children.

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“I am very proud of the men and women of the Sheriff’s Office,” Sheriff Jeff Richards said. “This is not just something they did, this shows who they are. I am proud of who they are!

“This is an example of their commitment to serve our community. Sgt Jesse Vega and his patrol team saw a need and worked to fill it. Working with other members of the Sheriff’s Office and community members, they were able to bless someone in a way that words cannot express.

“On behalf of the entire staff of the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, I want to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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