'I'm a Doctor First': GOP Upstart 'Dr. Oz' Springs Into Action When Man Collapses Before His Speech


It might be too soon to tell whether Dr. Oz has made any believers in his campaign for the U.S. Senate, but when it comes to making a difference, he has already delivered.

Dr. Oz, whose real name is Mehmet Oz, is trying to make the leap from television personality to the Senate, and is crisscrossing Pennsylvania to seek Republican support.

As part of that, he was in the Pittsburgh area Saturday to visit with the Pennsylvania House Republican Caucus.

As he was getting ready to speak, a man called out for medical help and then collapsed, according to WOLF-TV.

Dr. Oz, a newcomer to running for office who was a cardiothoracic surgeon long before he made it to TV, treated the man until help could arrive.

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“I’m a doctor, it’s my calling, I’ll always be a doctor, and whether I go into politics or any other profession, I’ll always be a physician,” he said, according to WOLF.

Oz said he kept to the basics.

“I started practicing the ABCs, and it’s a bit of a teachable moment. So, the first thing you do is check the airway, that’s the A. Are they breathing? That’s the B. And then C is their circulation, is their blood flowing?” he said.

The man appeared to have a seizure and blackout.

Do think Dr. Oz would be a good senator?

Dr. Oz helped moved the man to a flat surface outside the meeting room, where reportedly another seizure took place, according to TMZ.

“Once he got to the emergency room, he got stabilized. He says he’s doing OK and I’ll keep checking up on him,” Oz said, according to WOLF.

“I’m optimistic that we’ll find out what’s happening and be able to address it expeditiously.”

When the emergency was over, Oz was able to deliver his speech.

“I am a doctor first and always will be, so I responded immediately to a call for help when a nearby man collapsed. Following the lessons learned from a life in medicine, I did my job until EMS arrived to transport him to a nearby hospital,” he told TMZ.

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During a campaign swing Friday through Meadville, Pennsylvania, he talked about some issues, according to the Meadville Tribune.

“What happened? What happened to our country that’s taken us off our game?” he said.

He also cited the potential threat from China.

“Having a $30 trillion dollar debt does destabilize the dollar,” he said. “I think China is coming after us. They will come after us, not with just their economic machine — but every weapon they have to try and destabilize our country.”

“We cannot in any way take our eye off them,” said Oz. “That’s a real threat.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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