After Dog Manages to Dig Way Under Foundation of Home, Police 'Dog Whisperers' Called In for Rescue


First responders put themselves on the front lines every day to help the people in their community. They see some of the worst scenarios play out before them, so when something a bit more lighthearted comes up on the job, it’s an opportunity for everyone to enjoy a little humor.

For the West Seneca Police Department in New York state, that involved a dog rescue, which took place Aug. 2 after a dog found its way under a house.

“Developing story,” West Seneca Police tweeted that morning, “patrol reports a dog trapped under a house on Clinton St. We’ve sent our two best dog whisperers. Updates to follow.”

And updates did follow. Someone clearly had fun telling the tale as two officers worked to free the pup.

Three minutes later, the all-important update: “The dog’s name is Buttercup.”

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“Buttercup somehow managed to make his way deep under the home’s foundation and can’t get out,” the tweet read. “Officer Rave is very concerned. Officer Pingitore is only concerned with looking cool.”

Officers had tried reaching as far as they could under the house, but they still couldn’t reach Buttercup. They decided there was nothing they could do but to dig the adventurous dog out from under the house.

“We’ve brought in the heavy machinery,” a tweet update read. “Not a precision machine though as he just shoveled dirt on Officer Rave’s head.”

“In the spirit of the Summer Olympics a flashlight has been passed like a relay baton,” the next installment said.

“Hole needs to be larger. More digging. Some brainstorming going on.”

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Another tweet highlighted the fact that Officer Rave was doing all the dirty work while Officer Pingitore kept an eye on things: “Officer Pingitore will make a great supervisor someday.”

As people began following the rescue, the department was flooded with suggestions and encouragement.

“You can do it!” one person commented, adding the hashtag “savebuttercup.”

Jon Custard offered a suggestion: “Just have officer Pingitore pick up the house. Is this an option?”

Finally, after more digging and maneuvering, Officer Rave was able to catch the dog by the tail and pull her out of her predicament as onlookers cheered.

“Buttercup is OK!” read the final update. “She appreciates everyone rooting for her during this harrowing rescue. #savebuttercup”

All’s well that ends well, and while Officer Rave may have needed a bit of a cleanup, the rescue was a breath of fresh air for rescuers and viewers alike.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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