Donald Trump Issues Powerful Call for Prayer as Nation Braces for His Arrest


Former President Donald Trump on a “Pastors for Trump” prayer call Tuesday night urged the reported thousands participating that the best thing they could do is pray for the safety of the United States.

Clay Clark, organizer of the Reawaken America Tour, asked Trump, “Is there anything specifically that we can be praying for for you as a man and the soon-to-be 47th president of the United States. How can we pray for you tonight, sir?”

“I think the greatest thing that I could ask for is a prayer for our country for our safety,” Trump answered. “We have to get through this period of time. This has been a horrible period of time for the United States of America. Leadership has taken us in many, many bad directions, and we’re a failing nation. Right now we’re a failing nation.”

“So the most important thing, I believe that we can do right now is pray for the safety, the security, and the success and the future success of our country. That would be the thing I would ask you to pray for,” he said.

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Earlier in the call, Trump spelled out the challenges the country faces under President Joe Biden’s leadership.

“We’ve never been in a position like this with a leader that doesn’t know what he’s doing, a leader that truly has no clue. And other leaders are at the absolute top of their game,” the 45th president said.

“When you look at China and Russia and Iran, and all of these rather hostile places, what they’re doing is to our country. What they’re doing is gathering together,” Trump added.

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping just wrapped up a three-day summit in Moscow, where they appeared to further solidify ties between the two autocratic regimes.

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Trump also noted that leaders from Saudi Arabia and Iran met last week with China acting as the intermediary. The two Islamic nations have traditionally vied for dominance in the Persian Gulf region.

“We have never been in this danger before. I believe it’s a world danger because of the power of nuclear weapons and weaponry generally,” Trump said.

“We’ve never been in a position like this before and we have a leader who’s grossly incompetent, surrounded by vicious people who happen to be smart,” he added, noting the Bided team’s agenda includes open borders, no voter ID, high taxes, and high-interest rates.

Biden officials don’t directly dictate interest rates, but their high deficit spending policies have forced the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates to combat inflation.

Trump contended that the U.S. ship of state is rudderless right now.

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“But the giant ship is headed to the bottom of the sea if we don’t do something, and we’ll do it through prayer,” he said.

The former president pointed out just three years ago the county was strong under his leadership with energy independence, a strong military, and a good tax and regulatory environment.

The implication of course is America could be strong again with Trump back at the helm.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich shares Trump’s assessment that the U.S. is in very precarious place under Biden’s leadership.

Tuesday night on Fox News, he referenced the meeting between Putin and Xi and said, “As a historian, I think this is the most dangerous period we’ve been in since Washington crossed the Delaware Christmas night in 1776.”

Gingrich highlighted that Xi recently “gave four different speeches in one week on preparing for war. And I think people should take that seriously and understand how determined, how aggressive, and how competent Xi Jinping is.”

The former speaker compared the world situation to the 1930s with rise of the dictatorial Axis powers of Germany, Japan and Italy who took on the western democracies.

“Now unlike the 1930s, we have a president dedicated to weakness, dedicated to confusion,” Gingrich said. “You have an American system in enormous crisis, with a news media that doesn’t want to cover the truth.”

He believes that Xi sees America under Biden’s leadership as “a paper tiger.”

“It’s a very sobering and frankly as a citizen, a very frightening moment in American history,” Gingrich concluded.

Jackson Lahmeyer, pastor of Sheridan Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, who hosted Tuesday’s call, prayed for Trump at the end of it, KOKI-TV reported.

Lahmeyer began proclaiming that Trump’s “best days are still right in front of him, that you have saved the best for the last, yes as the 47th president of the United States.”

“Father, your Word says, ‘When the wicked rule, the people groan.’ Right now the people in the United State of America are groaning, groaning like never before because wickedness is in all forms of high places in this nation,” the pastor continued.

“We thank you you’ve raised up a man in Donald J. Trump for such a time as this. That your Word says, ‘When the righteous rule, the people rejoice,'” Laymeyer said.

The preacher closed asking God to give Trump a “spirit of resiliency” to overcome no matter what comes at him.

Also participating in the call were Trump’s former national security advisor Gen. (ret.) Michael Flynn and friend Roger Stone.

Trump’s prayer request for the safety of the United States felt a little Solomon-esque, as recorded in the Bible.

Rather than asking for something directly for himself, the newly-crowned King Solomon asked for “an understanding mind to govern your people, that I may discern between good and evil” and the request pleased the Lord.

Trump’s certainly asked for something worthy or our prayers, that the United States can safely navigate these times and once again be led with competence soon.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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