Donald Trump Jr. Teases 'Did My Dad Just Drop a Huge Hint About 2024?'


Donald Trump Jr. put speculation about his father’s 2024 plans into high gear Monday when he posted a video of his father with generous commentary about its implications.

“Did My Dad Just Drop A HUGE Hint About 2024?” he said in a Telegram post in which he shared the Rumble video.

“I don’t know about you, but this video that my father put out the other day sounds like a big hint for 2024,” the son of former President Donald  Trump said in the video.

The video shows the former president sounding an upbeat note about the future.

“We’re going to take back the Senate, take back the House, we’re going to take back the White House, and sooner than you think. It’s going to be really something special,” the former president said in the National Republican Senatorial Committee fundraising video that debuted last week.

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“The love and the affection and the respect that you’ve given all of us, it’s really important. The Republican Party is stronger than it’s ever been, and it’s going to be a lot stronger than it is right now,” he said.

“We’re going to turn it around, we’re going to turn it around fast. Thank you all very much, that support has been so incredible,” the former president said.

Donald Trump Jr. labeled the former president “the leader of the conservative movement right now.”

He said that “even the crazies are starting to recognize that Donald Trump was 100 percent right about just about everything, right?” adding later that “Donald Trump was right all along.”

Trump said his father was “the only guy that can stand up to the nonsense, to the craziness that the deep state, that the Democrats, that the media, that the establishment — on both sides, candidly — will throw at him, to fight for the American people.”

“You guys have been watching. You’ve seen what the Democrats have done. They’re destroying our country,” he said.

“If this is hinting at a 2024 run, it’s awesome,” Trump said.

“If it is, we can actually get back to making American great again as we did for four years,” he said.

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The former president spoke Saturday at the North Carolina Republican state convention and is expected to make other appearances throughout the summer.

Although the former president has long hinted about a 2024 run, some say that appears to be gaining momentum.

“I have definitely picked up a shift that there’s more of an intentionality to be leaning on the side of it’s going to happen than it’s not,” said Matt Schlapp, chairman of the American Conservative Union, according to The Associated Press. “I think it’s a very real possibility.”

But a spokesman for the former president said no decision is imminent.

“There’s a continued, enduring interest and folks encouraging him to run in 2024, but he’s in no rush to make a decision. And he’ll do that at the appropriate time,” said Trump spokesman Jason Miller.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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