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Dr. Fauci's Credibility Is 'Entirely Shot' Says Stanford Epidemiologist

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Recently released emails that show Dr. Anthony Fauci saying one thing in private and another in public have terminally damaged his credibility, according to one expert.

“I think he’s been all over the place on masks,” Jay Bhattacharya, epidemiologist and professor of medicine at Stanford University said Friday during an appearance on “The Ingraham Angle,” according to  Fox News.

“There are emails you can find in the treasure trove of emails that have been released where he acknowledged the virus has been aerosolized — well the cloth masks people have been recommending, they’re not particularly effective against aerosolized viruses,” he said.

But Fauci would later publicly insist that one mask is good and two might be even better.

“I really don’t understand his back and forth and his answer made absolutely no sense,” he said.

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Bhattacharya said that although there has been evolving research, the facts about how the virus spreads did not change “a ton.”

“Yes you should change your mind when the science changes, what is that science that changed that convinced him that masks are the most effective way?” Bhattacharya said.

“The CDC Director Robert Redfield said masks were more effective than vaccines and Dr. Fauci did not contradict him when Dr. Scott Atlas said that was nonsense, which it was,” he said.

“I think his credibility is entirely shot,” Bhattacharya said.

Despite the tarnish on his name, Fauci continues to be protected by the media, Fox contributor and columnist Joe Concha wrote at The Hill.

Fauci “continues to contradict himself while delivering ambiguous messages about the virus: He’s addicted to the spotlight. He’s never met a microphone he doesn’t like,” Concha wrote Saturday.

“Anthony Fauci once was the most trusted man in America on all-things-COVID. That’s clearly no longer the case.  But much of the media still largely treats him as such — even as those reading and watching at home appear to know better,” he wrote.

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Fox News host Jesse Watters agreed that Fauci’s image has been irrevocably comprised, according to Fox News.

“We expect politicians to lie to us — but we don’t expect scientists to. But that’s exactly what happened. Anthony Fauci hasn’t been telling the truth and he’s been caught,” he said.

“The Fauci era is officially over. The cover-up is crashing down. For the Democrats — he’s too big to fail and the media is doing everything they can to preserve the Fauci legacy. But there’s no turning back now,” he said.

Fauci came in for criticism Saturday when Republican Gov. Kristi Noem of South Dakota, appearing at a North Carolina Republican event, told the crowd that Fauci had once told her she would need 10,000 hospital beds for  all the COVID-19 patients her state would have.

She said she only needed about 600 beds.

“Fauci is wrong — a lot,” she said, according to The North State Journal.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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