First Disney, Now PayPal: DeSantis Takes Matters Into His Own Hands, Defeats Another Woke Giant


For years, the woke CEOs running many of America’s biggest companies spat in the faces of their conservative customers, force-feeding them partisan, anti-American messaging.

Thanks to Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis, many such CEOs are now thinking twice.

After all, no one wants to become the next Disney. Unfortunately for the wokesters running PayPal, that’s exactly what happened.

Florida’s Voice reported that Moms for Liberty, a conservative non-profit that advocates for parental rights in schools, has received many of its donations through PayPal.

On July 15, while DeSantis was giving a speech at the Moms for Liberty National Summit, the organization’s co-founder, Tina Descovich, received a notification from the company.

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The Moms for Liberty accounts had been frozen.

“While he’s speaking, I started getting emails … that PayPal has stopped processing one by one all of our monthly donors,” Descovich said, according to Florida’s Voice.

That’s when PayPal decided to pull what appears to be a very dirty trick.

“PayPal told Descovich that they could not operate on the platform until the IRS approved the organization’s paperwork. However, Descovich said [that] PayPal had already accepted the paperwork they filed with the IRS, which is backlogged, in January of 2021,” Florida’s Voice reported.

Over the course of several days, Descovich attempted to set things straight with the company to no avail. PayPal refused to release the money that belonged to Moms for Liberty.

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And that’s when DeSantis proved yet again to be the strongest leader in American politics.

During a news conference on Wednesday, DeSantis announced he would be launching an initiative to “prohibit big banks, credit card companies and money transmitters from discriminating against customers for their religious, political, or social beliefs.”

Then, all of a sudden, PayPal released Moms for Liberty’s funds.

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“Last week Tina Descovich, Co-Founder of [Moms for Liberty], shared that PayPal locked their account and withheld funds with no warning or justification. Days after our event, their funds were released. Florida has put WOKE banking on notice,” DeSantis tweeted on Monday.

Descovich believes PayPal backtracked in direct response to DeSantis’ announcement.

“I do think it helps. I have no other explanation why I have no messages from PayPal that they reversed anything. I have not sent them any more documents to change the status,” Descovich said. “So the only thing I have to point to is that they saw the governor’s press conference and decided to change their minds.”

This isn’t the first time DeSantis has chosen to take action when no one else would.

On April 22, the Florida governor signed a bill effectively terminating the Walt Disney Company’s special tax district surrounding the famous Orlando theme park. DeSantis did so in direct response to Disney’s inappropriate LGBT agenda and partisan political posturing.

This decisive action created a significant ripple effect.

According to a May 1 report from The Wall Street Journal, in response to the bill, many American CEOs began reconsidering involving their companies in politics.

This victory over PayPal will likely have a similar effect.

It’s very clear: Ron DeSantis has put the fear of God into woke CEOs.

As a result, next time Nike, Gillette or some other major corporation decides to sell you a product, they’ll likely think twice about doing so in the name of wokeness.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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