Florida Teen with Autism Has Made It His Mission To Repair as Many American Flags as Possible

A Florida teen with autism is on a mission to repair and replace American flags so that he can hang as many across Palm Beach County as possible.

Matthew Amatulli, now 16, fell in love with the American flag when he was 3 years old, WPEC-TV reported.

“Instead of presents, he would always just want flags for birthdays,” his mother, Angela Amatulli, said.

She told WPEC that the movement of the flag helped calm Matthew  when he was a little boy.

Matthew’s grandmother taught him how to sew American flags when he was little, and he started fixing them on his own as he got older.

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His mother said Matthew is trying to hang the flags he can repair across Palm Beach, his home county. He lives in the village of Wellington.

“If there is a business that has a pole without a flag on it and it is working, then he will ask if he can put his flag up there,” his mother told WPEC.

Local businesses have supported Matthew’s efforts by allowing him to take down and replace their tattered flags.

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If he can’t replace or repurpose a flag, he and his family ensure that it is properly retired.

“He is a very old soul and he just loves the American flag,” his mother said.

“Not many children do; not even adults think twice.”

Matthew and his mom spent an entire day taking down flags in their county so that heavy wind and rain from Tropical Storm Eta wouldn’t damage them.

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“I keep telling him he needs to start his business soon because I can’t afford to keep buying him all these parts,” Matthew’s mother said, according to WPEC.

The Amatullis have organized a GoFundMe campaign to help secure a place for Matthew to make his flag repairs and to help buy the supplies he needs.

“I am asking for donations to help fulfill my goal of repairing, or replacing, every torn or damaged American flag, as well as helping to support our nation’s Veterans and people with autism who are most in-need of assistance,” the GoFundMe description reads.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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