GA Witnesses Offer Affidavits of 'Pristine' Mail-in Ballots, Tables of Biden Votes, None for Trump


Multiple observers in Georgia have gone on record regarding irregularities they witnessed in the presidential election.

Tea Party Patriots co-founder Jenny Beth Martin tweeted, “9 observers in GA have signed affidavits swearing they saw suspicious mail-in ballots cast for Biden that were in pristine condition and had no creases on them. This means the ballots had not been mailed in envelopes as required, according to their affidavits.”

Susan Voyles — who as a poll worker in Fulton County, Georgia with two decades of experience — was one of the affiants to the pristine ballots, Just The News reported.

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Fulton County encompasses Atlanta and went heavily for Democrat Joe Biden.

In a video for Tea Party Patriots, Voyles recounted that the box the “pristine” ballots came in was taped shut with clear packing tape, with the Georgia secretary of state’s seal on the top; however, there were no signatures on that seal.

“Once a box or a manila envelope is sealed, it should have the sealer’s signature and an additional signature,” she explained. “It should not be anything that’s ever done by anyone alone.”

“What was the chain of custody on this box?” she asked. “Who had handled this box prior to my handling it?”

The Georgian believes the way the box was taped and lacking signatures indicated to her someone opened it.

Within the box were 700-800 absentee ballots inside, segregated into batches of 100.

Most of the batches were ballots that had been folded and had other indications of wear, which was what Voyles and her counting partner expected.

All absentee ballots have to be folded whether mailed or delivered in a dropbox. They come in the mail folded, she noted.

“Having done this for years, I’m very familiar with how the ballots work, how they fold, how they feel, their general appearance,” Voyles said.

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“These ballots appeared as if the first one had been bubbled in by a person, but all the others were replicated exactly the same,” she added. “They appeared to be printed with some sort of marking device.”

“There was a little eclipse in an oval that was void in exactly the same spot for all of them,” Voyles said. “Everything was precisely the same,” including the down ballot votes on candidates and initiatives. “I’ve never seen that before in 20 years.”

Ninety-eight percent of the ballots in the stack overall were for Biden. Two were for President Donald Trump and one for Libertarian Joe Jorgensen.

“The fact that 98 percent of them were for Joseph R. Biden, that was alarming to us,” Voyles said. “This is a job that deals with the integrity of each person’s vote, and I felt like this was compromised.”

“We were just two auditors at one table. This was just the first box that we were given and it was rather alarming to me. That if this happened in our one box, how many other boxes was this happening to?” she asked.

“I don’t think our box was unique and this could change things on a massive scale.”

Biden carried Fulton County with approximately 73 percent of the vote (381,000) to Trump’s 26 percent (137,000).

By way of comparison, Hillary Clinton won the county by 68 percent (297,000) to Trump’s 27 percent (118,000).

Nancy Kain, who was a poll watcher in Dekalb County in the Atlanta metro area, recounted for Tea Party Patriots how a city attorney at the polling station told her to move away from the counting area.

She explained to him that she had been a poll monitor before and was allowed to move among the counting tables.

After bringing in a Trump team attorney the Dekalb official finally relented, but she pointed out the counting had been going on for a day-and-a-half after the election at this point before observers were truly able to observe.

During the recount, Kain noticed that ballots were being sorted by the different presidential candidates on each counting table.

“It was pretty noticeable the huge stack of ballots of votes for Joe Biden and none for President Trump,” she said. “There were several tables like that.”

Biden won Dekalb County with 83 percent (308,000) of the vote to Trump’s approximately 16 percent (58,000).

Biden’s tally topped Clinton’s 79 percent by about 57,000 votes and Barack Obama’s 2012 tally by 70,000.

“There’s just a lot that I’m very concerned about [regarding] voter fraud,” Kain said. “I feel like my vote, it didn’t count.”

Bridget Thorne, who was a poll manager in Fulton County, told Tea Party Patriots that the county brought in American Civil Liberties Union clerks to clear absentee voters in every precinct.

In other words, the ACLU filled an official county function of ensuring those who received an absentee ballot did not also vote in person without handing their uncompleted absentee ballot in or signing an affidavit that it was destroyed.

“It concerns me because I view the ACLU as a partisan group that supports the Democratic Party primarily,” Thorne said.

“So for me to have a partisan group in my precinct that can talk to voters and has the whole database of who’s turned in their absentee votes, just seems concerning. I think you that you need transparency in the precincts and you need it to be non-partisan.”

Tea Party Patriots also spoke with Sandra Metts, a poll worker in Clarke County, which also went heavily for Biden. She witnessed the number of votes counted not equaling the number of scanned in voters in her precinct.

Jeremy Merritt of Moultrie Georgia told Tea Party Patriots he received four absentee ballots in the mail, despite not requesting any, and when he showed up to vote on Election Day, he was told he already voted and could not cast another ballot.

All these irregularities and more would indicate the Georgia vote needs closer scrutiny before it can be accepted as accurate.

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