'I'm Glad He Got Caught': Chicago Pastor Demolishes Smollett, Leftist Media for Playing the 'Race Card'


Sometimes it takes a man of God to cut through the fog of nonsense that has fallen over our great nation so we can see things clearly.

Pastor Corey B. Brooks of Chicago is such a man.

Brooks is the founder and senior pastor of New Beginnings Church. He is also CEO of Project HOOD Communities Development Corp.

The pastor is among those leading the charge against the violence that has become a defining feature in one of Chicago’s poorest neighborhoods.

Brooks, on Day 24 of his Rooftop Revelations series, spoke out about former “Empire” star Jussie Smollett’s hate crime hoax and the damage it has done not only to Chicago but to America at large, Fox News reported Tuesday.

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Smollett was found guilty on Dec. 9 of faking a hate crime in January 2019.

“I’m glad he got caught in his lie,” Brooks said.

He also said that racism is not the greatest problem in America, pushing back against the notion that America is an irredeemably racist nation. This is the narrative propped up by Blacks Lives Matter and other hate-mongers who seek the destruction of the last great hope for individual freedom in the world today.

Brooks began his comments — delivered during a 100-day rooftop vigil — by quoting a tweet posted by GQ magazine in 2019: “The racist, homophobic attack on Jussie Smollett is far-right America’s endgame.”

Do you agree with Brooks?

“I wonder how they must feel now after supporting a man who tried to racially divide all of America,” he said. “Supporting someone who was trying to not make America better, but was looking at all the evil intentions and trying to use them to divide us even further apart.”

GQ wasn’t the only one to rush to judgment. The big political guns of the left, including Joe Biden and Kamala Harris, also were quick to jump to Smollett’s defense. They haven’t apologized for it either, according to Newsweek.

These are the same sort of people who prop up the narrative of “systemic racism.”

Brooks gets it, and he is an expert at getting to the heart of the matter when it comes to Smollett’s impact on his city.

“In Chicago, where we have so much stuff going on with all the violence and all the shooting, he comes to our city and uses the race card to divide us,” Brooks said. “Not to help us deal with the issues that we’re faced with, not to help us deal with the violence that we’re dealing with every single day, but using the race card to further divide us as an American people.”

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That’s what the American neo-Marxist movement is all about: dividing Americans to the point of societal collapse.

In Smollett’s case, though, it was more about spewing anti-Trump propaganda to “boost his career,” according to Reuters.

According to Brooks, however, the racism Smollett and those like him would have everyone believe is America’s defining feature is not its greatest problem.

That, he said, is “just learning how to be more neighborly. Learning how to treat our brothers and sisters. Learning how to be the best that we can possibly be, regardless of race, regardless of party, regardless of our economic affiliations.”

Once again, Brooks is spot on.

If the United States is to remain on its mission to protect the God-given individual rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, we need to work together, as individuals not divided by race, to make it so. America is not perfect by any means. It is, however, our last, best hope.

Ronald Reagan put it best in his second inaugural address: “Let us resolve that we the people will build an American opportunity society in which all of us — white and black, rich and poor, young and old — will go forward together arm in arm. Again, let us remember that though our heritage is one of blood lines from every corner of the Earth, we are all Americans pledged to carry on this last, best hope of man on Earth.”

To Pastor Brooks and former President Reagan, “Hear, hear!”

Let us so resolve. We can keep the hope alive if we stand together.

If the American Marxists have their way, we will continue to be divided until the greatest experiment in freedom that has ever existed is but a dream.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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