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GOP Leader Kevin McCarthy Issues Message to Afghanistan Veterans and Gold Star Families

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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy spoke out on Twitter on Monday to honor American troops and their families following the Biden administration’s withdrawal that allowed Afghanistan to fall to the Taliban, saying the country is “forever indebted” to their sacrifices.

McCarthy tweeted, “To the troops who endured deployments to the region and gold star families who lost a loved one fighting in Afghanistan: our country stands with you now and always.”

“You did all you were asked to do.

“We are forever indebted to your sacrifices—you make your nation proud.”

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McCarthy also condemned the Biden administration’s failed efforts in Afghanistan earlier Monday alongside a now-viral video of Afghan civilians jumping on a U.S. airplane on the Kabul airport tarmac.

“This is a damning image for the Biden administration, and underscores the magnitude of the humanitarian crisis on the ground. It is unconscionable that the United States president is nowhere to be found,” McCarthy tweeted.

“Mr. President – Do your job and address the nation,” he added.

(Hours after McCarthy published that post, the White House announced Biden would be speaking Monday afternoon, as NBC News reported.)

McCarthy has repeatedly spoken out against the Biden administration’s failed plans in Afghanistan that have left the nation in the hands of Taliban terrorists.

“President Biden must stop finding excuses for his own mistakes and address the country in person with how he plans to secure U.S. national interests, protect our personnel on the ground, assist the Afghan allies who have helped us, and prevent the resurgence of Al Qaeda,” McCarthy tweeted on Sunday.

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McCarthy also tweeted, “Joe Biden has been commander-in-chief for seven months – the current failure in Afghanistan falls squarely on his shoulders.”

“His lack of leadership during this pivotal moment has been shameful – it has only served to embolden our adversaries and let down our allies,” McCarthy added.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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