GOP Reveals Plans if They Take Back the House: 'Commitment to America'


Everybody knows what the main event is when it comes to the November elections.

It doesn’t get much bigger than choosing between four more years of President Donald Trump or the start of the Joe Biden era.

But that doesn’t mean the undercard races are any less important in November. In fact, there could be some massive ramifications when it comes to conservatives voting to wrest control of the majority-Democrat House from Nancy Pelosi on Election Day.

House Republicans, led by Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, took to the steps of the U.S. Capitol on Tuesday morning to unveil their grand plans should Republicans take back control of the House.

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At the very least, it was quite the show of unity by the GOP.

“Each and every one of us understands that America is worth fighting for,” McCarthy said in front of his colleagues. “Republicans helped build the greatest economy in a generation, and the American way of life was thriving.

“We will do it again. That is our commitment to you.”

McCarthy said House Democrats, led by Speaker Pelosi, haven’t just failed Americans, but lied to them as well.

“Two years ago, Speaker Pelosi promised the American people the Democrats would serve a responsibility to seek common ground,” McCarthy said.

“She did the complete opposite.”

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House Republicans’ plan, dubbed the “Commitment to America,” is broken down into three main categories — “Restore,” “Rebuild” and “Renew.”

Restore” entails corralling the coronavirus so Americans can go back to their pre-pandemic lives.

Rebuild” is all about bringing jobs back and strengthening the economy.

Renew” is a direct reference to the American spirit and involves things such as education and honoring veterans.

Democrats currently control 232 seats in the House, in comparison to the 198 held by the GOP. Republicans would have to flip a net of 17 seats to take back the majority in November.

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