GOP Slams the Door on Dem Effort to Flip Red Texas District

Democratic Party hopes to flip a Texas congressional seat crashed into the will of the voters Saturday.

The north Texas seat had been held by Republican Ron Wright, who died of COVID-19 in February. A special election to fill the 6th District seat brought out 23 candidates.

Susan Wright — Ron Wright’s widow — and fellow Republican Jake Ellzey emerged as the top two candidates, according to Fox News. Wright, who was endorsed by former President Donald Trump,  led all voting by getting 19 percent of the vote, which was not enough to meet the 50 percent standard for avoiding a runoff election.

Democrat Jana Lynne Sanchez placed third.

Sanchez did not concede defeat until Sunday.

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“Democrats have a come a long way toward competing in Texas, but we still have a way to go,” she said in a statement. “Unfortunately … we came up short, and two Republicans will be competing to represent this congressional district.”

Overall, there were 11 Republicans and 10 Democrats in the race, along with an independent and a Libertarian. Republicans racked up more than 60 percent of the votes, while Democrats netted less than 40 percent, according to NBC News.

Trump celebrated Wright’s success.

Did Trump's endorsement help Wright finish first?

“Congrats to Susan Wright on her great surge yesterday which made her NUMBER ONE and assures her participation in the TX-06 runoff against another Republican,” he said in a statement.

“The Democrats have just conceded the race. Susan surged after I gave her an endorsement last week. Her wonderful husband is looking down, and is very proud of her!”

In its reporting on the vote, The New York Times noted that the race had wider implications.

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“The results disappointed Democrats, who had hoped to tap a reservoir of shifting demographics and Hispanic and African-American growth in a district where Mr. Trump won by only three percentage points in November,” it wrote.

The Times also ruefully noted that “Saturday’s results signaled that Mr. Trump continued to have a hold on the Republican Party in Texas.”

Last week, a robocall was being made to voters that claimed Wright caused her husband’s death, according to Politico.

“This is illegal, immoral, and wrong. There’s not a sewer too deep that some politicians won’t plumb,” Wright said in response.

Wright’s campaign has sought an investigation into the call.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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