Grandma Brings Suspected Purse-Snatcher to the Ground in Epic Security Footage


There truly are some despicable people in the world, and older members of society — viewed by criminals as being weak or powerless — often are prime targets for crimes.

Few things terrify me more than the thought of my grandparents falling victim to one of these individuals.

The mere idea makes me angry.

Sometimes, however, petty criminals pick the wrong target at the wrong time — as one suspected purse-snatcher from Australia found out the hard way last month.

If faced with the same situation as the grandmother, what would you do?
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KABC-TV in Los Angeles reported that an unidentified Queensland grandmother who was celebrating her birthday at a bar in the city Down Under had left her handbag at her table when a would-be criminal decided it should be his instead.

According to security video obtained by ABC News and released on Feb. 25, the grandmother ran after — and caught up to — the flip-flop-wearing suspect, grabbed him by the shoulders and threw him to the pavement.

Not only was the tackle a success, the grandmother was able to retrieve her handbag and walk away with it.

The suspect, who wasn’t identified, fled the scene in his truck but was arrested by police shortly afterward and charged with robbery, according to KABC, which said the grandmother suffered cracked ribs, cuts and bruises.

You can watch video of the suspect’s encounter with the grandmother here:

Twitter users generally were supportive of the grandmother, taking note of her bravery in the face of danger:

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However, other commenters remarked that fighting back against a criminal can be dangerous. I would argue this is especially true in a country such as Australia, where gun laws are strict and where permissible reasons for owning firearms don’t include self-defense.

Without equalizers, citizens certainly are more vulnerable to the actions of criminals — especially armed criminals.

No matter what, it is clear that crime doesn’t pay. Even if it were a risky move, this Australian grandmother should be lauded for her courage, determination and decisiveness.

My only wish when watching this clip was that others in the bar would have gone out to help her.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

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